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It is a mid-grade front load washer that can rightfully be paired up with the GE Profile Gas and Electric dryers.

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very large 4.0 cu. ft. capacity

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side loading

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see-through front window

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efficient - uses little water and electricity

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1100 RPM Spin wrings out a lot more water than top loaders, saving significant dry time.

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Sanitize feature gets steamy hot, great for dirty towels and pet bedding.

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can't handle mixed loads

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thumps loudly (audible from 2nd floor)

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This machine easily gets out of balance with heavy items like towels. When it is out of balance it "thumps loudly" and does not wring out water in the load. Towels get tangled.

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only available in white

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Detergent Dispenser does not have a locking mechanism which stops the water flow when opened. Area must be kept very wiped up, spills can get behind front panel and essentially seep all the way to the bottom, causing rust in hidden areas.

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The GE Profile WCVH6800JWW model is a mid-grade front load washer that can rightfully be paired up with the GE Profile DCVH660GHWW Gas and DCVH660EHWW Electric dryers (a link to both machines can be found in the related links section). The WCVH6800JWW washing machine features a 4.0 cu foot king-size total load capacity meaning it can handle much larger loads than the average conventional washing machine. It specifically includes an electronic rotary control that includes an illuminated LED panel and integrated adaptive logic technology; this makes it much easier for users to select wash and rinse cycles. The WCVH6800JWW device's dispenser can handle liquid and powder detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and fabric pretreatment fluids. A very unique feature of the WCVH6800JWW washing machine includes the PerfecTemp regulating technology which controls the correct wash temperatures for enhanced fabric care. The WCVH6800JWW washing device comes bundled with a limited 1 year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty for the entire appliance.

The machine also includes two special technologies; HydroMotion GE technology which utilizes a reverse wash mode to provide better cleaning performance while maintaining a gentle motion which in turn protects the inserted fabrics, and HydroHeater technology which increases the temperature correctly to sanitize the clothing and kill bacteria as well as loosen up tough stains on the fabric. The GE Profile WCVH6800JWW washing device also includes additional features such as separate white and color cycles, 5 separate wash and rinse temperatures including the special sanitize temperature compatible with the HydroHeater technology, 6 different wash and spin speed combinations, a durable stainless steel wash basket, a standard professional white color finish, a Truegrip front handle, and a see-through glass front panel window. 

  • Mid-grade front load washing machine
  • Professional white color finish
  • Electronic rotary control with illuminated LCD panel display
  • Utilizes PerfecTemp temperature regulating technology
  • 5 separate wash and rinse temperatures; 6 different wash and spin speed combinations
  • Separate white and color cycles
  • Durable stainless steel wash basket
  • HydroMotion and HydroHeater technology support
  • Truegrip front unit handle
  • See through glass front panel window

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Key Specs
  • Max Spin Speed: 1100 RPM
  • Load Capacity: 4.00 cu feet
  • Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
  • Fuse Power: 15 or 20 amp
  • Control Type: Rotary- Electronic
  • Energy Star Qualified: Yes
  • Installation Options: Side-by-side, stacked, under-counter
  • Unit Weight: 232 lbs
  • Dimensions: 41-1/2" (H) x 27" (W) x 31-1/4" (D)
Post Review
11/03/2010 11:41

IN Canada is this listed under a different model # ?

Callie Young
08/19/2010 02:56

it doesn't spin dry the clothes as expected.. it did it for about a week then nothing, the tech told me to play with it to find the right mix of clothes and materials. Not acceptable



02/24/2013 12:53

I was told something similar ! Completely unacceptable

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