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It is a high-end front load washer that can rightfully be paired up with the GE Profile DPVH880GJMV Gas and Electric dryers.

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can barely hear it during the cycle, very quiet

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clothes come out very clean every time, consistent operation

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efficient operation in general - saves a lot of energy, detergent and water

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generally easy to use once you get used to it, just a couple of button presses and you're ready

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spins clothes dry, saves a lot of time in the dryer

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allows a wide variety of options for how the cycle will run

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timer is never even close to being correct, always takes longer

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Had washer five years, the shaft broke and it cost half the price of the washer. The metal corroded possibly a design flaw

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some vibration during the spin cycle, needs to be on a solid surface

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wide variety of settings, buttons and dials can seem overwhelming at first

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The GE Profile WPDH8800J is a high-end front load washer that can rightfully be paired up with the GE Profile DPVH880GJMV Gas and DPVH880EJMV Electric dryers (a link to both machines can be found in the related links section). The WPDH8800J washing machine features a 4.20 cu foot colossal total load capacity meaning it can handle much larger loads than the average conventional washing machine. One of the biggest special features includes the built-in SmartDispense technology which utilizes a built-in pedestal that can hold up to six months worth of laundry detergent and will correctly calculate and dispense the right amounts of detergent at the right times. This unique dispenser can handle liquid and powder detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and fabric pretreatment fluids; all of which are correctly dispensed and timed.

Another unique feature of the WPDH8800J washing machine includes the H2ition wash system which automatically senses the correct load size and implements and dispenses the correct amount of water at the right temperature to save the user energy and water; more ultimately GE claims this converts to the saving of money with lower bills in the future. A fully electronic CleanSpeak communication system communicates directly with the related dryer which automatically presets the correct dry cycles to ensure better clothing care, and conveniently less time spent on doing laundry. An integrated Stain Inspector system includes special presets for over 40 different types of stains; GE claims it is the best stain removal system available in the market. The WPDH8800J washing device also includes additional features such as specialty wash cycles which ensures special fabrics get the correct treatment, 5 separate wash and rinse temperatures, 8 different wash and spin speed combinations, a durable stainless steel wash basket, HydroTemp, HydroHeater, and HydroMotion GE technology to provide greater user convenience, a stylish Vermillion Red professional color finish, a Truegrip door handle, and a see-through glass front panel window. The WPDH8800J washing device also comes bundled with a limited 1 year manufacturer's parts and labor warranty.

  • High-end front load washing machine
  • Stylish Vermillion Red professional color finish
  • SmartDispense technology with a built-in laundry detergent storage pedestal
  • Utilizes H2ition technology wash system
  • CleanSpeak communication support system for use with related dryer machines
  • Integrated Stain Inspector system with presets for over 40 different types of stains
  • Specialty wash cycles for special fabrics
  • 5 separate wash and rinse temperatures; 8 different wash and spin speed combinations
  • Durable stainless steel wash basket
  • HydroTemp, HydroHeater and HydroMotion technology support
  • Truegrip front door handle
  • See through glass front panel window

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Key Specs
  • Max Spin Speed: 1300 RPM
  • Load Capacity: 4.20 cu feet
  • Volts/Hertz: 120V; 60Hz
  • Fuse Power: 15 or 20 amp
  • Control Type: Electronic
  • Energy Star Qualified: Yes
  • Installation Options: Side-by-side, stacked
  • Unit Weight: 233 lbs
  • Dimensions: 41-1/2" (H) x 27" (W) x 31-1/4" (D)


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