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Full HD 12MP, 140°wide-angle fisheye lens clear imagery.

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Great video quality

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Wide angle fisheye lens

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GeekPro® 2.0'' WIFI HD 1080P Sports Camera Black 12MP + Medium Shockproof Carrying Bag + 8G SD Card Waterproof Action DV Camcorder 140 degree Wide Angle Car DVR Recorder Diving, Skating,Underwater HDMI Output
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  • GeekPro® Lit 2 itself is everything you need, not only to get started to but to take pictures underwater, take pictures from your bike, take pictures from your car, or screwed onto a helmet.The accessories besides the housing case are compatible with all the Gopro cameras
  • Full HD 12MP,140°wide-angle fisheye lens clear imagery.It shoots 1080p30fps,720p60fps.The quality is right on as if your viewing an image occurring right next to you or through a window.
  • Smart Design: Lightweight and Slim fit 2.0'' bigger screen than SJ4000.Easy to carry with the helpful shockproof carrying bag.The width is what makes the difference for the area it will be able to record while using the camera.
  • Equipped with 8gb sd card and medium size carrying bag.Ready to use the camera in no time. The bag Keeps your camera safe and sound from any potential outside dangers light,easy to carry Strong all-around three-dimensional protect for camera.
  • This camera is WiFi. You can download the free app (iSmart DV) which allows you to take full control of your camera through the WiFi connection via your phone, ipad, android pad
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What's Included

1x WIFI Camera, 1x 8G sd card, 1x carring bag, 1x Waterproof Housing, 1x Handle Bar/Pole Mount, 7x Mount, 1x Clip1 , 1x Clip2, 1x Helmet Mounts, 1x Bandages, 1x Battery, 1x Adhesives, 1x Tethers, 1x USB Cable, 1x Charger, 1x Lens Cloth, 1x User Manual 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If you use this camera with a selfie stick/ pole is their a water proof remote or something you can use to capture the shot?

    No, if you want to use the pole, you can set time lapse. or you can control the camera capture photes or video with your phone via WIFI.

  • Can the camera be used while plugged into USB port?

    Yes. It can resord while charging.

  • Does this have time-lapse capability ?


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