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The GE PFSS6PKXSS is an Energy Star compliant refrigerator with a bottom freezer and a large capacity of 25.8 cu. Ft.

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water and ice taste clean and pure, never like plastic

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very quiet while its running, only sound is when ice is dumped

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door gaskets are all lined up perfectly for an ideal seal

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lots of shelves and drawers for storage that can all be adjusted as needed

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ice maker tends to get jammed up and keep making ice despite it being full

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can't hold a glass upright under the water dispenser, bit of a tight fit

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no egg container or storage provided

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ice maker takes up some space in the main fridge compartment, gets in the way a little

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the stainless steel front doesn't hold magnets, can't use fridge magnets

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The GE PFSS6PKXSS is an Energy Star compliant refrigerator with a bottom freezer and a large capacity of 25.8 cu.ft.  The fridge features GE's ClimateKeeper temperature management system with two evaporators that maintain high humidity levels to keep food fresh for longer.  It is designed with French doors that are contoured with concealed hinges and top and bottom beveling and has LED interior lighting for bright illumination.  The PFSS6PKXSS includes an integrated water and ice dispenser with a water filtration system and has a TurboCool setting that quickly cools the refrigerator after frequent door openings.  It features a Freshness Center designed to keep fruit, vegetables, and meats fresh for longer with two humidity-controlled drawers and a full-length adjustable temperature drawer.  It also has two-level Slide 'n Store freezer baskets that allow easy access to the frozen food.  The fridge is available in a black, white, or stainless steel finish and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. 

  • 25.8 cu.ft. total capacity - 17.3 cu.ft. fridge, 8.2 cu.ft. freezer
  • Contoured doors with concealed hinges and top/bottom bevels
  • ClimateKeeper temperature management system with dual evaporators 
  • External ice and water dispenser with actual temperature display
  • LED interior lighting 
  • Freshness Center -2 humidity-controlled drawers + 1 full-length adjustable temperature deli drawer with LED light
  • Two-level Slide 'n Store system
  • TurboCool setting
  • Energy Star compliant
  • 1 year limited warranty
Model Numbers

PFSx56PKXyy where yy indicate the model's colour. Model numbers include: PFSS6PKXSS, PFSF6PKXBB, PFSF6PKXWW. Specific models are detailed below:

  • Black
  • MSRP: $2699
  • Black
  • MSRP: $2399
  • White
  • MSRP: $2399
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