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The GE GTWN4000MWS is a 27-inch tall top-loading washer that operates at 630rpm.

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manually pre-setting the water level is quick and easy, and most of all reliable

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very little vibration while running, will work on a second floor without shaking the house

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cleans itself well, no mold buildup anywhere

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clothes come out without being twisted up or abused by a central agitator

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reasonably small footprint, good for tighter spaces

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some quality control issues, needs to be checked and tested thoroughly right away

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after a year of use some problems with the motor may develop

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The GE GTWN4000MWS is a 27-inch tall top-loading washer that operates at 630rpm. It builds from the GTWN3000MWS by incorporating a HydroWave wash system that helps the user conserve water and therefore reduce water expenses. More importantly, it upgrades from just two wash/spin speed combinations up to four. Like its predecessor, the 3.7 cu ft capacity GTWN4000MWS relies on an advanced suspension system to reduce the chance of the load spinning out of control, mechanical controls that in fact use up less electricity, and a Quiet-By-Design that is supposedly quieter than other washers, though it’s still potentially distracting. The big benefit is that the GTWN4000MWS features wash cycles that cater to specific clothing colors, i.e., black and white.

  • Top-Loading Washer
  • 27” Width
  • 3.7 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Hydrowave Wash System
  • Improved Water Consumption
  • Stainless Steel Basket
  • GentlePower Agitator
  • Rotary Electromechanical Controls
  • Multiple Wash Cycles (Whites/Blacks)
  • Bleach/Softener Dispensers
  • AutoBalance Suspension
  • Color Lid Instructions
  • Front Serviceable
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Steel Drive Tranmission
  • 630rpm Spin Speed
  • 4 Wash/Spin Combos
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