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The GE GTWN3000MWS is a 27-inch tall top-loading washer that operates at 630rpm.

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design - allows for articles of clothing to be added at the last minute

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operates quietly - doesn't make too much noise

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allows for water level control

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reliable - has a reputation for its good build quality

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easy to access - tall design makes accessing the tub easy

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fast - washes clothes quickly from start to finish

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lacks a 'delicate' mode

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simple - lacks many of the advanced features found on other washing machines

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it's the loudest machine that i've owned!

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The GE GTWN3000MWS is a 27-inch tall top-loading washer that operates at 630rpm. Featured is a 3.7 cu ft stainless steel basket, an adapter and suspension system that work together to adjust the load so that it doesn’t spin out of control, and rotary electromechanical controls, which is expected from such a budget-friendly model. Some notable benefits to the GTWN3000MWS washer include the ability to wash cycles catering specifically to white or dark clothes, detailed instructions that have been laid out on the lid, and a dual-action agitator that is lighter on clothes compared to other washers. Unfortunately, there are only 2 wash/spin combos, and the GTWN3000MWS has a relatively small load capacity.

  • Top-Loading Washer
  • 27” Width
  • 3.7 Cu Ft Capacity
  • Stainless Steel Basket
  • GentlePower Agitator
  • Rotary Electromechanical Controls
  • Multiple Wash Cycles (Whites/Blacks)
  • Bleach/Softener Dispensers
  • AutoBalance Suspension
  • Color Lid Instructions
  • Front Serviceable
  • Galvanized Steel Cabinet
  • Steel Drive Tranmission
  • 630rpm Spin Speed
  • 2 Wash/Spin Combos
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11/12/2012 06:35

Reviews don't mention how poorly this machine cleans clothes. It is the worst machine for effectively CLEANING clothes. And isn't this the main purpose of a wash machine????
Water is swished back & forth, no agitation.

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