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Gateway (formerly Gateway 2000, the cow-box company from the upper midwest) used to make some terrible PCs.

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Great price, for the components!

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Sharp looking machine, a numeric key pad, bluetooth connectivity, great resolution screen, usb ports on both sides of the machine, and an awesome video card!

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Runs a bit hot. Has not overheated, but still gets pretty toasty.

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Gateway (formerly Gateway 2000, the cow-box company from the upper midwest) used to make some terrible PCs, especially their first couple of generations of notebook computers. No more. This model has a top-tier nVidia GeForce Go 7900GS graphics card with dedicated (that is, not shared) video memory, a 17" widescreen that is quite legible running at WUXGA (1920x1200), a mobile (Intel T-series) Core 2 Duo processor, and built-in niceties like a multi-format flash-memory card reader in the front, 2 USB 2.0 ports on each side, and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless connectivity. Note that the latter uses  an Intel chip that understands ALL the flavors of 802.11 (A, B, G, and even the newest Draft-N). All this for how much less than a Dell XPS notebook, you say? See for yourself.
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06/24/2007 07:22

Recently (May 07) I compared a NX860XL (I was going to buy) to similar Toshibas and Dell’s XPS. My comparison is based on what is important to me, the “hardware”. All prices were taken their web sites.

Gateway NX860XL (As ordered) , CPU 2.16GHz, 667MHz, 4MB L2, 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM, 100GB 7200rpm Serial ATA HD, 17.1" WUXGA TFT Active Matrix (1920x 1200), nVidia 7900 GS 256MB Graphics Card, 8x Multi-Format Double Layer DVD, & Warranty Total Protection 4yr Parts/Labor/Onsite

The DELL, XPS-M1710 was configured “exactly” the same as my Gateway. I do have to note that Dell does offer CPU or Graphics Card upgrades, but you will pay $$ for them.

The TOSHIBA -P100-S9772 ~ $ value of differences, like items not shown

CPU 2.0 GHz; ~Subtract $175

160GB 5400rpm HD ~Same value “I rather have speed”

Widescreen SXGA 1680x1050  ~Subtract $25

nVidia 7900GTX512MB ~Add $300

  • Gateway--------------$2,451.81
  • Toshiba --------------$3,462.78  
  • Toshiba adjusted---$3,362.78
  • Dell XPS--------------$3,270.22
  • Toshibas price difference~ $ 911
  • Dell XPS price difference~ $ 818

Sure, I wish Gateway offered a higher end video card, but the 7900 GS is still pretty good. To me, the bottom line is you are going to pay around $800 more for the same, but cool looking, Dell XPS laptop or $900 more for a Toshiba with a better video card. So if you are willing to pay Dell $1,200 more or Toshiba $900 more for a better video card be my guest.

Personal Note: I have owned several Gateways over the last four years and found their Tech Support excellent. Also, Gateway will give breaks to loyal (return) customers. I dealt directly with Gateway via phone and a knowledgeable Sales Agent named “Tyson” who took care of me by making a great deal even better and by making sure it met all my needs...Happy Hunting!

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