The Gateway SX2803-25e is a mid-range desktop PC designed specifically for basic home use.

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The Gateway SX2803-25e is a mid-range desktop PC designed specifically for basic home use. It features an Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor, 6GB of DDR3 RAM, a 1TB hard drive and integrated Intel X4500HD graphics. Additionally, the SX2803-25e sports a slim form factor, an HDMI output, HD audio and a 220W power supply.

The SX2803-25e's Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor and 6GB of RAM allow it to handle typical day-to-day and media use with little slowdown while more taxing programs and heavier multitasking will cause significant slowdown. Its integrated Intel X4500HD graphics processor provides the SX2803-25e with support for 1080p high definition media playback with VGA and HDMI outputs for connecting to HDTVs and monitors. Meanwhile, the SX2803-25e's 220W power supply provides it with enough power to run normally while going very easy on the electricity bill; however, certain upgrades, such as a discrete video card, will require a power upgrade.

  • Intel Pentium Dual-Core processor
  • 6GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 1TB hard drive
  • Integrated Intel X4500HD graphics
  • Slim form factor: 10.43" (H) x 3.93" (W) x 12.4" (L)
  • Integrated HD audio
  • 220W power supply
  • HDMI, VGA video out
Post Review
09/16/2011 07:42

Well ive checked for a upgraded video car everywhere with no need of psu upgrade. And the readeon hd 5570 low profile fits what u need for gaming perfectly. Does work great with minimal power supply usage.

05/16/2011 03:24

This product is a very fast product with 6gb ram (memory). It is really fast uploading things with 7,200 rpm with the most reliable prosseser (pentium) . It is very handy to have 5 usb ports in the front>

02/08/2011 09:27

So far this machine hasn't been able to play ANY graphics intensive games. But it may be a problem with the game developers not writing for the dual core.



02/08/2011 09:31

For graphic intensive games you need a video card. The Intel X4500HD just won't cut it.



03/02/2011 12:04

What do you suggest for a suitable video card for this machine?

I've run into so many graphics issues trying to do what this machine obviously wasn't designed for---mostly games. If I could, I'd return it, but I'm stuck with having to shell out more money now for something that will run my applications properly.

Otherwise, it's a decent unit, although the vertical-mounted CD/DVD drive can be annoying... Sound quality is excellent---it's the graphics card that sucks. "For want of a horseshoe...."



03/02/2011 12:18

You're going to have to make sure you have a PCIe 16x slot on that motherboard (to connect the card and have enough data bandwidth from your system), and enough room for a card (the better gaming ones get big, very fast).

Also you'll have to make sure you have enough clean power - cards these days are pretty power hungry, and computer manufacturers like Dell and Gateway are notorious for using lower end components they can skimp on without sacrificing system stability (and thus save money) - such as power supplies - that are* just good enough* to run the system - and no more.

Once you've checked both of these, you're probably going to want to stay away from the super high end, especially with just a Pentium Dual Core. I suggest something less intense such as an AMD Radeon HD 5670. Doesn't require additional power connections (more than the board itself can supply - which, again, may be too much for your power supply to handle!!), is fairly affordable, is small, and probably won't be held back by your processor.

Read up on it, as well as other options such as the Nvidia GT 240 etc... You might want to step up to the far more graphically capable 6850 - but you'll need the power, space, cooling etc.. and it might just be spinning its wheels with your CPU bottleneck with some more CPU intense games!



07/27/2011 06:46

we can only use 4 remotely good graphics cards, here, read up on this and make your pick.

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