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The DX4831-01e is a mid-range desktop computer from Gateway.

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By adding a Blu-Ray drive, this can easily be turned into a media center

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Excellent performance for the price (for a pre-built)

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Good range of features for the price

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Spacious casing and good component arrangements provides plenty of potential for future upgrades

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6GB of ram included is plenty for most users

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A versatile computer for basic office usage with the potential to be a low end gaming machine

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Excellent selection of ports at the front

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Stock 300W PSU no good for upgrades, users looking to upgrade should start by changing the PSU

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The DX4831-01e is a mid-range desktop computer from Gateway. The system is built around a 2.93GHz Intel Core i3 processor and features 6 GB of DDR2 RAM and 1 TB of hard drive space. It is not a gaming system, however, lacking a discrete graphics chip. The tower features a standard DVD writer and memory card reader in addition to an HDMI output facilitating the display of HD content on a larger screen. Windows 7 Home Premium is pre-installed.

  • Intel Core i3-530 processor (2.93 GHz, 4MB L2)
  • 6GB DDR2 RAM
  • 1TB variable-RPM hard drive
  • Integrated Intel graphics
  • HDMI output
  • DVD read/write
  • eSATA
  • Memory card reader
  • Photo Frame Button
  • Digital device holder
  • Windows 7 Home Premium
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04/12/2011 05:22

This may not be considered a gaming computer, but turning it into one was not hard. I swapped out the 300 Watt PSU from the factory with a 450 Watt PSU and added an ATI Radion HD 4650 graphics card. This gave the system a 5.6 windows experience rating. It has no trouble running Modern Warfare 2 and Batman Arkham Asylum at high settings. The system has been very stable and has never crashed despite me pushing it to its limits.



08/02/2011 04:36

here here! I had 500 wait psu and gts 450 graphics card and the replace the 1 tara-bytes green with 1 tara-bytes black. i play this on high my windows experience is at 5.9 rating. good budget gaming desktop pc.

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