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Forerunner 225 - the Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate.

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Accurate GPS

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Built-in heart-rate monitor

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Forerunner 225 - the Garmin GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate. Now you have the option to run without a strap because this watch has a built-in sensor that measures heart rate at the wrist. Create customized workouts or download free training plans at Garmin Connect, send to your watch and get coach-like guidance. The 225 offers vibration alerts and a built-in accelerometer to record distance for treadmill workouts. Connected features include automatic uploads to Garmin Connect, live tracking and social media sharing.

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  • Wrist-based heart rate - Run without a strap - the Forerunner 225 uses a built-in sensor to measure heart rate at the wrist
  • Graphic interface - A colorful gauge shows your zone at a glance: warm-up (gray), easy (blue), aerobic (green), threshold (orange) or maximum (red).
  • GPS - GPS-enabled, Forerunner 225 provides accurate distance and pace data. You can also view your run on a map when you upload to Garmin Connect.
  • Accelerometer- A built-in accelerometer provides distance and pace data when you're running indoors, with no need for a separate foot pod
  • Activity tracking - It doubles as a watch and activity tracker. Count steps, calories and distance throughout the day. The move bar with vibration alert motivates you to move when you've been sitting too long. (sleep monitoring as well)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this have sleep tracking?

    Yes, it does.

  • How well does the (wrist band) heart rate monitor work?

    Absolutely well. Better if the watch is under the bone, like a picture of guise show.

  • What is the actual colour of the watch. Is it black/red or black/pink?

    Black & red

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