The software and design innovations packed into the Approach G6 are designed to take your game to the next level.

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In golf, innovation is the name of the game. The software and design innovations packed into the Approach G6 are designed to take your game to the next level. With more than 25,000 preloaded worldwide courses (no subscriptions or fees) and an internal rechargeable battery, the Approach G6 is the ultimate instrument for the serious player.

G6 introduces a sleek, slim design for better playability. Still featuring a glove-friendly, colorful touchscreen, Approach G6 adds 2 buttons for instant access to Green View, Shot Measure and Digital Scorecard. Plus, it’s waterproof and tough enough to take the rigors of the game.

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Get More Courses

The Approach G6 rewrites the rules for golf course availability. The G6 boasts more than 25,000 preloaded courses from around the globe β€” all without extra fees or subscriptions.

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Powered for Play

The internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 15 hours so you can play an entire weekend on a single charge.

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More Scorecard Options

Approach G6 doubles as a digital scorecard for your foursome with scoring options for Stroke Play, Stableford, Skins and Match Play with adjustable handicaps.

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See Your Target

Colorful layup arcs at 100, 150, 200 and (when applicable) 250 yards let you know exactly how far you need to hit it when laying up. And Touch Targeting lets you touch any point on the sunlight-readable display, and Approach shows the precise distance to that exact spot – fairway, hazard, landing area, or the front, middle and back of the green.

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Track Your Stats

The enhanced stat tracking feature keeps track of fairways hit, greens in regulation and putts per round. Not only can you check your stats during the round, but you also can download and print them from your home computer.

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Get on the Green

Approach helps you zero in on the pin with Green View. Just tap the flag on the map to zoom in on the green β€” then you can drag the flag to position it where you see it, giving you more accurate yardage.

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What is in the Box

  • Approach G6
  • USB cable
  • AC adapter
  • Belt clip
  • Manual
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What's wrong if it won't take a charge?

    If you have tried the previous answers and it still won't charge, contact Garnin. It could be that the internal contacts to the battery have come loose. Also, it could be a defective battery. Either way contact Garmim.

  • Can you delete your club shot averages?

    Yes. You can pick a club from the list and select "Reset" to clear shot data from the club.

  • On garmin sight g6 comes with 38000 preloaded maps. Is this not a new model?

    This is the latest G6 model that comes loaded with 25,000 courses. You can plug it into your computer and update more courses as well.

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