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The Garmin Oregon 450t is a mid-range, handheld GPS navigation device designed for outdoor use.

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Geocaching functions are efficient and useful

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Customizable interface (main screen) and settings make use easier

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Improved location accuracy and consistency over previous Garmin models

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Battery life is consistent and relatively long

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Can lose accuracy or signal under forest cover

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expensive as a stand alone GPS

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Touch screen more difficult when wet, not as responsive with gloves

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Steep learning curve for menu navigation

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Subject to occasional bugs - freezing or locking

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Screen can be difficult to read in bright conditions

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The Garmin Oregon 450t is a mid-range, handheld GPS navigation device designed for outdoor use. Navigation of a worldwide, shaded-relief basemap is accomplished via a 3", sunlight-readable touchscreen. The 450t also features 3D topographic maps of the U.S. or Europe, with points of interest and more detailed terrain data. The Oregon 450t can wirelessly share waypoint and route data with other handheld Garmin GPS units. Geocaching support includes the ability to download GPX files, which hold location, terrain, and other details, to the device. A 3-axis electronic compass, without which a device must be held level to receive directions, and a barometric altimeter, which tracks altitude and predicts changing weather conditions, elevate the Oregon 450t above entry-level models. Maps can be added to the device via microSD card slot.


  • Handheld GPS navigation
  • 3" sunlight-readable touchscreen display
  • Built-in global basemap
  • 3D topographic maps of U.S. or Europe
  • Points of interest and terrain features
  • Wireless sharing
  • Picture viewer
  • Geocaching support (GPX-ready)
  • 3-axis electronic compass
  • Barometric altimeter
  • WAAS-enabled GPS receiver
  • HotFix satellite prediction
  • BlueChart g2
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Waterproof

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