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The Garmin eTrex Legend HCx is a WAAS-capable GPS receiver that is lightweight, compact and waterproof.

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Supports MicroSD

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Supports maps and door-to-door navigation

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High accuracy GPS (2m as average)

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MiniUSB connection only

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Internal memory: 24MB

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Supports OpenStreetMap

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No proper maps covering Southern Africa, my no-brand car GPS for Southern Africa has far more detail. Very disappointing

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The Garmin eTrex Legend HCx is a WAAS-capable GPS receiver that is lightweight, compact and waterproof. You can add maps by inserting preprogrammed Micro-SD cards into the card slot which is located in the waterproof battery compartment. The cards contain MapSource data for your land/sea, street/terrain travels and can provide turn-by-turn directions. The Legend HCx has a color display and USB port for transfering data to your computer.

  • MicroSD card slot
  • USB port
  • Waterproof  (IPX7)
  • Outdoor GPS games
  • Hunt/fish calendar
  • Sun and moon information
  • Area calculation
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Cees Faber
06/16/2009 04:18

Last weekend my wife gave me a Garmin eTrex Legend HCx for our anniversary. To get the GPS software and the maps going should be fun, simple, and easy. Instead it seems to be designed by a person that recently has been fired from homeland security and never has worked for a real company. I am used to my no-brand car GPS in South Africa, and my Nokia build in GPS which are both 'plug and play' and. both which by the way, appear to have more detail than your maps for South Africa. I tried to unlock my Topo Czech 2 map and now I am 4 frustrating hours further with no result as the 9 language 7 digit registration code was NOT ENCLOSED in the box (not even in one language ..). In summary: The local Czech outdoor 'Rock Point' retailer could/did not explain, so you should not let them sell your product. I have wasted time and have become very disappointed with a 'big' brand that I 'looked up to'. I always wanted to have a Garmin Your web site takes me round and round, never allowing to ask a question per e-mail at a person directly - no Czech support address. You need to type in 6 different codes: Unit ID, map code, copy a security code, serial number and 7 digit registration number, plus a unlock website address to obtain the 25 digit code, this for three maps .. Where is the logic here? In the age where it takes 5 minutes to get your new apple iPod ready to play, this experience frankly has been bizarre. I never will buy a Garmin again and feel tempted to past this message on the relevant blogs as it concerns a real and valid non-customer centric experience. Your on-boarding process for your product should be FUN, not being guided as 'half a criminal' through a sequence that appears to be designed by a nerdy IT person to make even more nerdy IT persons happy. Alternatively Garmin is so greedy and so afraid that its map will be pirated that they forgotten about their customers wanting simplicity and ease of use.

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