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The Edge 800 is a touchscreen global positioning system receiver from the Garmin company.

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good variety of customizable training pages

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versatile design, useful both for hiking and in the car

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stable in most situations with the exception of elevation view

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touch screen is responsive and easy to work with

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a little complicated to get used to

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virtual training partner behaves erratically

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if screen is tapped 3x it unlocks, easy to accidentally unlock it while its in your pocket, no other way to lock the screen

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prone to occasional temporary lock-ups in elevation view

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display isn't very easy to read on a sunny day

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doesn't measure route distances accurately, tends to add 10-20 miles

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The Edge 800 is a touchscreen global positioning system receiver from the Garmin company that is specifically designed for cyclists. Featuring a durable waterproof casing, this model utilizes an aerodynamic design for unhindered performance. The unit comes pre-loaded with base-maps for basic navigation, with software and MicroSD software upgrades available for street and topography information. Users can log onto the "Garmin Connect" website to search for and browse popular routes in their area, and use "BaseCamp" software to create and edit their own routes. "Hotfix" satellite GPS technology enables steady and accurate positional information, with an automatic time-zone adjustment function also included. The 800 supports ANT+ heart rate monitor integration for up-to-the-minute information on pulse, energy expenditure and more, with speed and cadence sensors available as well. For those users training for races and other competitions, the "Virtual Partner" function enables dual-route mapping with goal speed versus real speed. "Auto Pause", "Auto Lap" and "Courses" modes provide in-race support, allowing users to log their data and view it at a later time. Once a given route has been completed, users can return to Garmin Connect to upload their progress before sharing it with others or comparing it against their previous results. 

  • 2.6-inch touchscreen display
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Customizable screen
  • Water resistant
  • Map-adding capabilities
  • MicroSD card support
  • 1000 lap history storage
  • 200 favorites settings
  • Optional heart rate monitor synchronization
  • Bike speed sensor
  • Temperature display
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