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The Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System is designed for hunting use.

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Adds significant peace of mind to bringing dogs out hunting or for unleashed hikes

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Signal strength is consistently strong even in heavy brush or trees

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Longer range antenna than prior versions, about 25% wider

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This version has a much improved collar (no velcro) that dogs will keep on and not break as easily

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Adjustable response times give the user some control over battery life

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Price seems inexplicably high for what is essentially a basic pair of radio-communicating GPS receivers

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Collar does not have a loop for tags or identification

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The Garmin Astro Dog Tracking System is designed for hunting use. The system includes both a handheld Astro 220 GPS receiver as well as Garmin’s DC30 Dog Tracking Collar. The collar transmits a signal back to the Astro handset as often as every five seconds, and the system can track up to 10 collars at a time. Because of its high-sensitivity receiving capabilities, the Astro 220 locates hunting dogs even in dense cover. Other features include the Covey Counter, a waypoint tracker that records the location of spotted game. In addition to tracking the collars, the Astro 220 also includes standard features of Garmin’s other outdoor navigation systems, including basemaps, barometric altimeter, and electronic compass. Additional collars can be purchased separately.

  • MSRP: $599.99
  • Released June 2008
  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Includes DC30 collar
  • Tracks up to 10 collars at once
  • 7-mile line-of-sight range, terrain-dependent
  • 24-hour battery life with 2 AA batteries
  • Pre-loaded basemaps
  • microSD slot for expanding maps
  • Covey Counter marks areas when user finds game
  • Waterproof

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