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The sleek nüvi 52LM offers dependable, easy to use driving guidance.

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With its bright 5.0" display, spoken turn-by-turn directions and many innovative features, the sleek nüvi 52LM offers dependable, easy to use driving guidance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it come with a car charger?

    Yes it comes with a charger that connects to a cigarette lighter.

  • How good is the lane assist on the 52lm?

    Works fine by showing the lane to be in as you approach the intersection. Very helpful for large interstate highways with complex and large number of lanes. On some of the larger major interstates, you get a photo-like picture of what the merge/exit sign will look like when you get there.

  • Does it say recalculating?

    NO, it does not "say" recalculating, when it does it just recalculates the route!

  • Does this model have the "data screen" feature where you can show altitude, distance remaining, time of arrival, etc. constantly?

    if you tap the car on the screen it will show your latitude and longitude, it will also show your elevation, after you have programmed your trip and it begins to show the route tap the top where the next manuever is, on the top right it will show you distance remaining time of arrival.

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  • Easy-to-use, touchscreen interface with a 5" diagonal color display
  • Lane assist with junction view displays junctions and interchanges with colored arrows that indicate the proper lane needed for your next turn or exit
  • Voice prompted turn-by-turn directions with spoken street names: Turn right on Main Street
  • Includes sturdy suction cup mount for easy adjustment and quick release
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Detailed Maps with Free Lifetime Updates

Maps of the lower 49 states, plus free lifetime¹ map updates, let you easily find addresses and millions of points of interest.

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Innovative Features

Lane assist with junction view indicates the proper lane for a turn or exit with brightly colored arrows and detailed pictures. nüvi 52LM also displays speed limit and accurate arrival time.

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One-stop Device Management

Use Garmin Express to keep your nüvi up-to-date. Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software, transfer favorites to and from devices, and install free custom vehicles and voices.

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What's in the Box

  • nüvi 52LM
  • Preloaded with City Navigator® NT North America - Lower 49 States
  • Lifetime maps¹ (indicated by “LM” after model number on the box)
  • Vehicle power cable
  • Vehicle suction cup mount
  • USB cable
  • Quick start manual
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Style Options

  • Base Model (US)
  • Base Model (US & Canada)
  • with Lifetime Maps (US)
  • with Lifetime Maps (US & Canada)
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