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Garmin’s Nuvi 265WT is a multi-featured GPS navigation system.

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great value

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affordable price

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Bluetooth connection for hands free calling - includes phones status, battery life, signal strength etc...

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text to speech or natural voices supported - text to speech will read out street names

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easy to use touch screen interface

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fast GPS signal acquisition

3 agree

smooth refresh rate

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free traffic updates (ad supported)

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1GB of internal storage for pictures, voices, maps etc...

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Quite satisfied

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live traffic update can be wrong

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2009 maps and POI database are poor

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thick power cord is a nuisance when handling or mounting

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not happy with the cord

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Garmin’s Nuvi 265WT is a multi-featured GPS navigation system designed to provide drivers and travelers with precise turn-by-turn directions. While very similar to the Nuvi 265T, this device features a 4.3” widescreen display, an SD Card slot (opposed to microSD), and the choice of a QWERTY or ABC keyboard. The device’s 2D and 3D mapping system is complimented by an integrated text-to-speech system, allowing motorists to keep their focus on the road instead of the GPS receiver. Released in late 2008, this GPS has been designed to improve upon the 200-series predecessors, by adding free (ad supported) real-time traffic updates as well as hands-free Bluetooth connectivity for compatible mobile phones. Compared to the earlier 200-series, the Nuvi 265WT also features faster satellite communication, and photo navigation so one can use landmarks for added confidence when navigating. The Nuvi 265WT comes pre-loaded with North American maps and includes a mini-USB port to update map information. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery should suffice for the average trip, lasting approximately 4 hours.


  • 4.3” touch widescreen color display, 480 X 272 resolution

  • text-to-voice speech technology for hands-free navigation

  • preloaded with North American maps

  • USB 2.0 connection for additional map updates

  • Integrated FM traffic receiver

  • 2D and 3D map interface

  • compatible with MSN Direct for traffic and content services

  • use Google Maps or Mapquest to send directions directly to the GPS

  • find closest hospitals, police & gas stations, addresses & intersections

  • Bluetooth wireless support for hands-free calling

  • data cards: SD Card

  • dimensions & weight: 4.8" x 2.9" x .8" in, 6.1 oz

  • battery: rechargeable lithium-ion, 4 hours


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