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The Nuvi 2250 is a portable global positioning system receiver from Garmin.

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ecoRoute does a good job finding fuel-saving routes

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map displays clearly and in sufficient detail to find your way around easily

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fits into tight spaces other GPS units won't go

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lane assist gives you plenty of notice, makes highway driving much easier

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huge coverage everywhere in North America, including Mexico

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missing QWERTY keyboard makes it harder to select an address

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commands are harder to access than widescreen versions

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The Nuvi 2250 is a portable global positioning system receiver from Garmin that offers a step-down from the company's Nuvi 2250T model and a step-up from the Nuvi 2200 model. Featuring a 3.5-inch backlit anti-glare TFT touchscreen, this model includes pre-loaded street maps for all of North America including Mexico. Equipped with "NuRoute" technology, the unit can keep track of a given user's favorite locations and provide increasingly accurate estimations regarding arrival time and distance information. "Lane Assist" navigation provides users with a first-person view of city and freeway lanes, outlining what lane should be used for the best possible results. The 2250 can also be used as a handheld pedestrian unit, with the "CityXplorer" function providing public transit information concerning bus, rail and tram systems. Voice-prompted turn-by-turn directions are supplied for precision and simplicity, with pre-configurable "Points Of Interest" based on a given user's preferences and zoomable digital elevation maps. "HotFix" satellite prediction technology prevents locational drop-off for consistent and accurate feedback, even when passing under bridges or through tunnels. In addition, Garmin's "Photo Connect" mode allows users to input a destination by uploading a picture of it, which the device will scan and search for results. 

  • NuRoute technology
  • 3.5-inch backlit anti-glare TFT touchscreen display
  • CityXplorer pedestrian maps
  • Lane Assist technology
  • Pre-loaded Points Of Interest
  • HotFix satellite prediction¬†
  • Garmin Garage support
  • MicroSD support
  • Garmin Connect Photos function
  • Voice prompts
  • MyTrends function
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