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The Nuvi 1450LMT is a portable global positioning system receiver from Garmin.

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acquires a satellite connection a few seconds after power up

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no fee required for lifetime map updates

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buttons and menu selections are physically easy to work with

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reliably guides a user to places they have never been before with no wrong turns

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user interface is intuitive and easy to learn

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points of interest are accurate and up to date

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Large 5" screen

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Bright, easy-to-read screen

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Updating the maps can be a little slow

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No bluetooth

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turn by turn directions can seem like the unit is "talking" too much

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Sometimes odd re-routing with traffic avoidance on

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The Nuvi 1450LMT is a portable global positioning system receiver from Garmin that offers a step-up from the company's standard 1450 and 1450T models. Including free lifetime map and traffic updates, this model can be updated once every three months to ensure to the most-up-to-date location information. A built-in FM signal transmitter can provide up-to-the-minute traffic information concerning accidents, construction and other forms of road blockage, providing users with sufficient time to select an alternate route. A back-lighted 5-inch touchscreen TFT display is included that provides clear visual instruction, complete with "Lane Assist" technology that provides virtual first-person instruction on precisely what lanes to use. Comprehensive "City Navigator" maps are included for Canada, the US and Mexico, with two and three-dimensional support and over 6 million user-selected points of interest. Pedestrian navigation is also fully supported on the 1450LMT, with the "CityXplorer" service offering bus, rail, tram and other public transportation information for a wide variety of major cities. Fuel-effecient routes can be determined with the "EcoRoute" mode, while "HotFix" predictive satellite technology helps to maintain the most accurate locational information even when signal is temporarily lost. Photo navigation is supported through Garmin's "Photo Connect" service, and additional car marker and narration voices can be downloaded via the "Garmin Garage" website. 

  • 5-inch backlit TFT color touchscreen
  • Free lifetime traffic updates
  • Free maps
  • MicroSD card support
  • Voice prompts
  • Lane assist function
  • Auto Re-route
  • Route avoidance
  • FM traffic compatibility
  • EcoRoute routing
  • Custom Points Of Interest
  • Garmin garage car marker and voice customization
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