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The Garmin nuvi 1450 is an automotive GPS receiver with 5 inch touchscreen display and 480 x 272 resolution.

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optional cityXplorer software for public transit listings and ecoRoute

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loaded with maps for the entire content (NA or EU)

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slimmer than previous generation offerings

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MSN Direct and FM traffic compatible

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large 5" 480 x 272px touchscreen display

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10,000 point breadcrumb trail

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6 million points of interest and 10 user savable routes

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USB connection/microSD card slot

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stale feature list with little innovation for the price

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No Bluetooth or MP3 player

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The Garmin nuvi 1450 is an automotive GPS receiver with 5 inch touchscreen display and 480 x 272 resolution. This is the same screen found in the nuvi 1490T, although it doesn’t have bluetooth or live traffic updates like that model. City Navigator NT street maps come preloaded as well as close to 6 million POIs (points of interest), 10 savable routes, choice of 2-D or 3-D maps, and, the digital elevation maps display shaded contours at higher zoom levels, giving a bigger picture of the surrounding terrain. The ability to download cityXplorer content for cities throughout North America and Europe and an electronic breadcrumb trail of up to 10,000 points to keep track of where you've been are two key features. Turn-by-turn directions are given by voice prompt right down to the street names, which combined with the touchscreen access make it more hands free which lets you focus on the road. Other Garmin standards are included like Hotfix satellite prediction, Garmin Lock and Where Am I? emergency locator. Also included is ecoRoute route predicting software, JPEG picture viewer, world clock, currency and measurement converter, calculator and a microSD card slot for adding more maps.

  • Display: 5" diagonal LCD touchscreen
  • Display resolution: 480 x 272 pixels
  • Voice prompts: internal speaker
  • FM traffic compatible
  • 3 hours battery life
  • USB port
  • Peloaded North American maps (or European maps, European version)
  • 6 million pre-loaded points-of-interest database
  • 10 savable user routes
  • MSN Direct compatible
  • Photo navigation
  • JPEG image viewer
  • microSD card slot for expansions
  • Garmin Lock anti-theft feature
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09/21/2012 04:02

At xmas 2011 we replaced our old garmin with a nuvi 1450 with lifetime maps and traffic. We loved the old unit but the new one is very poor. In the nine months we've had it there have been multiple problems every time we've used it. It doesn't recognize addresses, roads, and intersections even though they've been there for years, even decades when both Google and Mapquest will. On our trips to Chicago it passes up two direct limited access highways and tries to take us onto one that was built in the thirties, takes us out of our way, and is definitely not limited access. There are times when I'm in an area that I know when it wants me to turn right when I should turn left. These are just a few of the problems. I've contacted support three times. The first two times I got a robo-response that didn't address the problems. The last time they just ignored me. I've seen only a few references to these problems in reviews. I couldn't recommend this product to anyone.

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