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The NuLink! 1695 is a high-end global positioning system receiver from the Garmin company.

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gives plenty of notice when a turn is coming up

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setup only takes a minute or two, simple and straight-forward, don't need to be technically minded

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display is easy to read at a glance, text is very sharp and clear

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easy to use interface, perfect for when you're driving

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traffic updates are accurate, help you keep moving smoothly

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never locks up or lags, reliable and dependable operation

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traffic updates are slow to come, takes at least a few minutes

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The NuLink! 1695 is a high-end global positioning system receiver from the Garmin company. Featuring "NuLink!" subscription-based technology, this model sends supports Google's "Local Search" function with live internet updates sent directly to the device. Information relating to gas prices, traffic and construction delays, weather, movie times, flight status and local events can be viewed, with the  "Ciao! Friend Finder" function enabling users to connect and communicate with one another. A 5-inch backlit TFT color touchscreen is included for vivd, easy-to-view directions, with turn-by-turn route guidance available through "City Navigator" technology throughout all of North America and Mexico. Both two and three-dimensional map views are available, with a zoom function included and shaded-contour elevation levels. "HotFix" satellite technology helps to maintain a consistent and accurate reading of the user's given location, with predictive functionality providing further support when a vehicle is driving through a tunnel or under a bridge. The "Lane Assist" function provides users with a first-person view of the city street of freeway they see in front of them, using an arrowed system to instruct specific lane adjustment. "EcoRoute" mode supports fuel-efficient routing, with a "Less Fuel" function providing alternate directions if applicable. In addition, Bluetooth connectivity enables hands-free calling through the 1695, providing increased safety and convenience. 

  • 5-inch backlit touchscreen TFT display
  • NuLink! technology
  • MicroSD card support
  • Voice prompts
  • Auto-sorting multiple destination function
  • Route avoid mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Speed limit indicator
  • EcoRoute efficiency mode
  • Custom Points Of Interest
  • Garmin Garage car marker and voice customization
  • Photo navigation


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