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The Garmin GPSMAP 696 is an ultra-high-end GPS navigation device designed exclusively for pilots.

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allows you to mix and match and customize display elements to your liking

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can display maps and instruments at the same time in split screen

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large, bright and high resolution 7" display (480 x 800px)

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includes detailed taxiway diagrams for 850 US airports

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rock solid build quality

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terrain / topographic maps - clearly displays physical hazards with adjustable alerts

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built in XM-satellite radio weather channel with weather display layer

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upgradable firmware for future fixes and improvements

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powerful processor - fast to respond and update display

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high price

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requires an XM satellite subscription for the advanced weather information / functionality

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large size makes it difficult to find room to mount it in a cramped instrument-filled cockpit

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The Garmin GPSMAP 696 is an ultra-high-end GPS navigation device designed exclusively for pilots. The GPSMAP 696 features a 7" display designed to be sunlight-readable. The device is pre-loaded with extensive databases of departure procedures, standard terminal arrival routes, approach charts, airport diagrams, and other information relevant to pilots, while IFR map mode simulates paper enroute charts. The 696 supports XM satellite radio, including advanced weather capabilities like NEXRAD imaging, aviation-specific weather reports, and terminal aerodrome forecasts. The more affordable option, the GPSMAP 695, lacks XM capabilities.

  • Aviation-specific GPS navigation device
  • Sunlight-readable 7" LCD (480 x 800)
  • Garmin FliteCharts (paid service after 6 months)
    • NACO departure procedures
    • Standard terminal arrival routes
    • Approach routes
    • Airport diagrams
  • IFR map mode
    • Victor airways
    • Jet routes
    • Minimum enroute altitude
    • Leg distance
  • XM support
    • Satellite radio
    • Satellite weather
      • NEXRAD imaging
      • METARs weather reports
      • Terminal aerodrome forecasts
      • Temporary flight restrictions
      • Other weather-related data
      • Weather data map overlay
  • Garmin SafeTaxi taxiway diagrams
  • APOA Airport Directory
  • Private airport/heliport data
  • Jeppesen terrain database
  • Obstacle monitoring
  • Altitude-sensitive airspace notifications
  • SD card slot
  • eLearning training program
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