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Introduced on February 2nd 2009, the FR60 is a fitness watch by Garmin.

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uploads data to your computer wirelessly

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built in heart-rate monitor

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waterproof for use while swimming

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compatible with 3rd party ANT+ capable exercise machines

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affordable price

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can store up to 15 hours and 100 laps of detailed exercise data

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very long battery life compared to other GPS enabled Garmin sport watches

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FR60 does have the capability to display "percent of max" but you must load your max heart rate through the computer

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The FR 60 does not have the capability to display "percent of max" or "percent of maximum heart rate" on the watch.

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foot pod costs $70 premium

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piece on the strap breaks

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not GPS enabled

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requires a pod to be attached to your running shoe to measure pace and distance

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Introduced on February 2nd 2009, the FR60 is a fitness watch by Garmin. Featuring two separate designs for men and women, the FR60 helps keep track of time spent, calories burned, and your heart rate. Compatible with any ANT+ wireless exercise device, theĀ  FR60 can also record information such as distance traveled and speed. A 'foot pod' is also available in select bundles to record this information. Once within range of your computer, this data is automatically uploaded for analysis. Available in red, lilac and black, the FR60 costs $129.99 alone, or $199.99 with the foot pod.

  • compatible with ANT+ wireless exercise devices
  • uploads workout information to your computer wirelessly
  • waterproof for use while surface swimming
  • compatible 'foot pod' for distance and pace measurements is available in select packages
  • separate men and women models
  • available in red, lilac and black
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03/04/2011 10:56

I completely disagree with Mike's comments.

Before purchasing my Garmin FR60, I had a Pilot heart rate monitor watch and before that I had several heart rate monitor watches purchased from Bike Nashbar.

I was happy to see the Pilot die: if you want to talk about 100% non-intuitive software settings, buy a Pilot. Never, never again for me. It took my wife and me about five days, on and off, reading through the manual to figure out how to set it and how to get the readout following each of my rides.

While the Garmin FR60 settings may not be 100% intuitive, they are the best I have so far found in a heart rate monitor watch.

If, for the money, you can find an accurate, reliable heart rate monitor watch which is easier to set up and use, then buy it.

I, for one, have no problem recommending the FR60 and its companion GSC 10.

I have no connection whatsoever with Garmin, Inc. I'm just a happy customer.


I also purchased a Garmin GSC 10, a pod which connects to my bike chainstays and wirelessly broadcasts speed and cadence to the watch. It was surprisingly easy to set up and has proven, when cross-checked with a GPS unit, to be very accurate.

02/27/2011 07:51

I bought this product yesterday from Sam's Club.
Setting the time was easy, but that was the only thing, setting up this device is rediculously complex and unintuitive.
There are many more than a few things you have to do before you are ready to go.
This device does not make your workout simple.... and you will hate the complexity of this device, the discomfort, and the quick setup guide is anything but quick and it refers you to a manual which you have to access on the web. It is clear that this is a quick to market device to steal money from impulive buyers who will put it in a drawer never to be used again.
The setup video on the Garmin site is misleading, this device is not simple.
After following Garmin instructions, I strapped on the heart rate monitor, and started thru the screen menus trying to get it to work,
after about 30 minutes of back and forth, screen to screen, I finally got the heart rate to showup, but I don't know how I got it to work, as as soon as I changed screens it quit working.
The screen menu is complex and unintuitive.
Next I tried the virtual partner, it was just as confusing and frustrating.
Ok I moved on the footpod. It was easier to setup but still complex.
I went running with the footpod and it measured time and distance, but I could never monitor heart rate at the same time.
Afer comming back from running, I downloaded the GarminConnect which is required to get information into your computer. The download took too much time but finally came through.
Next.. get the Ant+ stick to pair with the FR60...after an hour of loading, reloading, rebooting...etc.... the ANT stick could not find the FR60 for pairing.
I returned the device to SAM'S FOR A REFUND.

FR60 WITH ANT+ communiction.

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