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It is an option for those who are either allergic to latex or want a healthier alternative to the PVC sticky yoga mats.

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thicker than most yoga mats

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environmentally friendly material

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phthalate-free and latex-free

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This yoga mat is an option for those who are either allergic to latex or want a healthier alternative to the PVC sticky yoga mats. Most of the generic yoga mats you see in a typical department store are made with the use of phthalates, a group of chemical compounds that softens hard plastic. High doses of phthalates in rats have been linked to liver, kidney and lung damage and are causing a controversy over their use in yoga mats as an unnecessary health risk. The BeneFit Premium yoga mat is made from a patented phthalate-free and latex-free material similar to natural rubber, so along with the quality and health benefits, it also satisfies the environmentally-friendly practitioners of yoga. It won the editor's pick on Compare The Brand's Yoga Mat Comparison and was found to be twice as thick as any other mat reviewed.

Dimensions: length - 68 Inches, thickness - 1/4 Inch

Gaiam is the company behind the Benefit yoga mat, with a clear commitment to healthy living and environmental sustainability. The idea behind Gaiam is that "given a choice, people would choose a lifestyle that is healthy and life enhancing — for themselves, their families and the Earth." and as such, each product they sell is centered around this concept.

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08/24/2007 09:31

I was really psyched when I got home the day of led Ashtanga practice and it had arrived. Got to class spread it out and found the brand new mat exuded some chemical slime that even before sweating on was slick as can be. Very difficult to impossible be stable. I had to put a cotton towel over the mat and even then it slid. The directions that come with the mat say to only spot clean. I cleaned it totally with water and dish detergent, thinking it may be machine oil from manufacturing but when it dried it still exuded the slime. I’m washing it a second time now, if it doesn’t work its going back.

08/17/2007 01:05

Hell yea I tapped this. I've got one myself and it rules. I mostly love it cause it always smells good, even after extended use.

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