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The Gaggia Titanium model is an expensive, mid-grade fully automatic Espresso machine.

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stainless steel finish is sleek and high-end looking

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easy to clean, everything is accessible and organized

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heats up very quickly, can start brewing almost right away

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produces a clean and flavorfull brew

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assembly and setup are pretty easy, not much to it

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large water container doesn't have to be constantly refilled

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general operation is fairly simple, not too complicated

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large footprint, takes up a lot of counter space

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The Gaggia Titanium model is an expensive, mid-grade fully automatic Espresso machine. The machine is more specifically designed for personal consumer use, meaning more home-based appliance but that is not to say however that the device can't be used commercially for a small business. The body design is composed of a durable ABS plastic; the exterior is then topped off with a professional silver color finish. The Titanium device can brew Cappucinos, lattes, and tea automatically; and also includes support for an optional milk island accessory. For convenience the device provides a built-in conical burr grinder that includes 18 fine-grindness settings for maximum user beverage customization. The 250 gram bean hopper catches the beans after being grinded and allows room for storage or immediate coffee use. A special integrated preset button system allows users to change the total brewing amount and beverage strength settings through the amount of ground coffee input with a pre-programmed set of front panel buttons; the settings are then displayed through a mini cobalt blue LCD display. Additional beverage customization options include five different temperature settings, an on/off timer with a clock, volume controls for the tone alerts, and pre-infusion and pre-grinding modes. A special built-in Pannarello steam wand provides superior milk frothing for certain required beverages (thick cappucinos and lattes) and also provides hot water for cocoa, tea or soup; the device even has a seperate boiler for steaming and rapid steam support which allows no conflicts between milk frothing wait times and espresso brewing. The Gaggia Titanium model includes additional features such as a high powered 15 bar pump pressure, a stainless steel lined boiler with rapid steam boiling support for quick beverage preperation, a fully detachable 60 ounce water tank which allows easier cleaning and fillup methods, a heated cup warmer, and support to brew and prepare two beverages at once.

  • Durable ABS plastic body design covered with a professional silver color finish
  • Brews cappucinos, lattes and tea
  • Integrated volume dial which allows users to change the brewed beverage amount and strength; 18 fine-grindness settings
  • Alternate beverage customization options; five different temperature settings, on/off timer with clock, and alert volume controls
  • Cobalt blue LCD screen display
  • Optional milk island available
  • Built-in conical burr grinder
  • 250 gram bean hopper (ground coffee bean holder)
  • Pannarello steam wand for milk frothing; also provides hot water for cocoa, soap or tea
  • Stainless steel lined boiler combined with rapid steam boiling support; dual boiler system
  • Heated cup warmer
  • Support to brew two beverages at once
  • Fully detachable water tank
  • Special Bypass mode allows users to add pre-ground coffee to brewed pots
  • Optional pre-infusion and pre-grinding modes as well
Key Specs
  • Power Output: 1250 watts
  • Voltage Support: 110/120
  • Pump powered
  • Pump Pressure: 15 bars
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2.3 liters (60 ounces)
  • Timer: Yes
  • Coffeemaker attached: No
  • Built in grinder: Yes
  • Steam Wand: Yes (Pannarello)
  • Cup warming Plate: Yes
  • Automatic: Yes
  • Dimensions: 15-3/8" (H) x 11" (W) x 15-1/6" (D)
  • Weight: 22 lbs
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