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The Gaggia Brera is a mid-cost espresso machine.

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operation is very simple once you know it

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coffee and espresso come out with a clean and delicious taste consistently

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small footprint for the number of functions built in

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brews coffee quickly, very little waiting once warm-up is done

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makes a fair amount of noise while going through the cycle

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doesn't like pre-ground coffee, tends to reject it as "too much"

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need to read the instructions to figure it out, although it's simple once you do

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needs to go through a warming cycle when first turned on

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The Gaggia Brera is a mid-cost espresso machine. This is a class A energy device, and in stand by mode this machine consumes less than one watt of power. The little energy the Brera takes up is used to power the electronic control panel, which allows you to input your coffee settings with button presses (there are four function keys). The LED display of the Brera is designed to be easily visible, so that you can be sure of what settings you have chosen. Settings include two cups of coffee at once, as this espresso machine has dual spouts. Once the coffee is done and its time to clean up, the Gaggia Brera's removable coffee grounds container helps to make it easy.

  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz 1400W 
  • 15 bar water pump pressure    
  • Removable brewing group    
  • Electronic control panel    
  • LED icons display + 4 function keys
  • Stainless steel boiler    
  • Removable water tank    
  • 1.2l tank capacity
  • 250g coffee bean container capacity
  • Ceramic grinder    
  • Color options
  • 5 grinding selections
  • Gaggia Adapting System    
  • Optidose    
  • Pre-ground coffee option    
  • Prebrewing    
  • Rapid Steam    
  • Removable coffee grounds container    
Color Options
  • Black
  • Silver
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Luc Bechard
11/09/2012 07:40

Had TWO coffees with the thing. Then the grinder didn't seem to grin the beans. Only water came out. After I followed the instructions and primed it about 5 times, removed the grind unit the same amount, I brewed about ten (10) coffees (water only came out). Unplugged it removed the grind unit ,replaced it then nothing. Nada. The bloody thing doesn't even turn on.
Impressed so far.

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