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Provides access to scanned documents through cloud services or sent directly to a mobile device, Word, Excel, or e-mail.

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It helps you get rid of paper clutter and organize all your documents online or on the computer

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It’s very easy to use

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It does not have an Ethernet port

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The Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner for PC and Mac is designed to guide the scanning process and make it easier. It provides access to scanned documents through cloud services or sent directly to a computer, mobile device, Word, Excel, e-mail or other options. It turns scanned documents into PDF documents.  

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Wireless Connectivity

This scanner can scan items wirelessly to a computer without the need for a USB cord. This helps the user skip the hassle of a cord and even scan from a different room than where the computer is located. Through wireless scanning, users can still take advantage of the scanner's features like creating PDF files.

Current customers and new customers of this scanner can look for an online notification that will show them how to create a wireless connection from this scanner to their computer. 

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Turns Paper Information Digital

It turns a paper into a PDF file by pressing the "scan" button. It can scan up to 50 double-sided pages at one time. 

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ScanSnap Carrier Sheets

Use a carrier sheet to make larger documents, newspaper clippings, photos and magazine articles digital. 

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Generates Editable PDF Files

This scanner includes Adobe Acrobat X Standard (for Windows only) to edit PDF files. 

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Business Cards

It can put business card information into into digital business card holders through scanning them. This helps you add the data to programs like Excel or Outlook. 

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Linking to Cloud Services

This scanner can directly scan to cloud services like Google Docs, Dropbox and Evernote. 

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Scan Wirelessly to A Smart Device

You can wirelessly connect to a Smartphone or other device to scan directly to the device. 

  • Scans everyday documents with many size options.

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