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The Lifebook line of notebooks by Fujitsu spans across many areas of size and performance.

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Good security options

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Can upgrade hard drive without pulling whole unit apart.

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Decent performance for everyday tasks

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Clear screen

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Very portable (small, and light weight)

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Comes with Windows XP install disk and drivers.

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Screen swivel is convenient

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Has both CF and SD ports

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Available with 3.5G modem built in

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Screen quite reflective

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Short battery life compared to Sony UX series

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Flimsy USB port cover

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Cramped keyboard

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No cell-phone connectivity

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No supports for OS other than Windows.

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Processing power limits device to standard tasks

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The Lifebook line of notebooks by Fujitsu spans across many areas of size and performance. The U810 is one of the smallest and most portable laptops available putting it squarely in the Ultra-Mobile PC category. Weighing in at 1.5 pounds the U810 is one of the lightest notebook computers available, though this does come at a compromise in performance. Compared to other UMPCs such as the Sony UX490 the Fujitsu features significantly less processing power. True to the UMPC spec the U810 has a touch screen panel, that can swivel around to act as a tablet PC.

  • 800MHz Intel A110 processor
  • 1GB of RAM
  • 40GB hard drive (4200RPM)
  • 5.6" touch screen at 1024x600 resolution
  • Integrated Ethernet, and A/B/G WiFi
  • Ports: 1xUSB, 1xVGA out, 1xAudio In, 1xAudio Out
  • Integrated 0.3MP camera
  • CF, and SD card reader

Unlike the UX490 which opts for a solid state hard drive to improve battery life and performance, Fujitsu uses a traditional mechanical drive. However, the rated battery life is still 5.5 hours for average use which makes it comparable to the Sony. A fingerprint scanner is added for extra security and frees you from remembering a lot of passwords which is sometimes necessary for business users.

They keyboard is full QWERTY with all the important keys found except for dedicated TAB key - many keys feature multiple functions requiring the Function key to be held down to access. Controlling the mouse can be achieved either by using the touch screen, or a touch point. Fujitsu also includes a pair of keyboard lights that are used to illuminate the keys in the dark. These lights are found just underneath the monitor and shine onto the keyboard, they are not backlights.

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