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Uses proprietary "instax mini" film to instantly print photos right after a photo is taken. It has a Fujinon lens.

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The Fujifilm INSTAX 25 is a compact and lightweight camera whose main features are portability and unique design. It uses proprietary "instax mini" film to instantly print photos right after a photo is taken. It has a Fujinon lens that collapses into the body via a motor, as well as an attachable close-up lens that makes images bigger. This camera has a unique, square-shaped plastic housing available in several colors. Photographic features include an automatic flash with auto-fill, 1/3 - 1/400 shutter speed, and a mirror that can be used for self-portraits. Prior to printing, brightness adjustments can be made. Users can also select from vertical or horizontal shooting mode to alter a photo's orientation. This is an entry-level camera but its unique design makes it not very comparable to similarly-priced Fujifilm cameras.

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  • Close-up lens
  • Electronic Shutter 1/3 - 1/400 sec
  • Auto Flash in low light
  • Manual exposure compensation
  • Image size: 2.13" x 3.4"
  • Fujinon lens
  • Self-portrait mirror
  • Exposure adjustment with auto built-in intelligent flash
  • Motorized 3 position collapsible lens
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Difference Between Mini Instax 7 and 25? I know the Instax Mini 7S Instant Camera take small pictures, the size of a credit card, does the 25 take...

    They both use the same film and produce the same sized photos, with the 25 you have a little more control over the flash and it is signiificantly lighter and smaller. there is also a mirror on the front which helps with self photos 'selcas' and there are 2 shutter buttons

  • Ok so how many different versions are there - the 7, 8, and 25? And they all produce the same size photos? What about quality? All the same?

    I believe they use the same film since theres only like one type of film available (mini). As for the model numbers, the higher the number the more "advanced" the camera is.

  • Does the Camera have a Slot fir a Memory Card? that u can then use the card for printing larger pictures?

    Nope there isn't, there's nothing digital about the camera, neither can you save the photos in any digital format, (if you really want to save it digitally you could scan it though). It's all pretty old school analogue.

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