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The Fujifilm FinePix S3200/S3250 is an S-series, long-zoom compact digital camera released in early 2011.

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excellent results from indoor photography, handles low-light conditions well

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fairly simple to operate, easy enough for complete novices

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photos are very crisp and sharp right out of the camera before photo editing

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screen is large enough to be easy to work with, menus are easy to read and can find the subject quickly

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zoom is relatively quiet, doesn't interfere with sound during video recording

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learning curve for all of the camera's functions isn't very steep, just a short while with the manual

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Color is not so good

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using AA batteries makes the camera a bit bulkier and heavier than other cameras in the same range

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The Fujifilm FinePix S3200/S3250 is an S-series, long-zoom compact digital camera released in early 2011. It features a 14MP CCD sensor, a 3” LCD display, and a Fujinon 24x wide-angle to 720mm telephoto lens for capturing anything, whether a spacious landscape or a child’s face. Designed particularly for HD capture, the S3200/S3250 supports full high-definition still images and 720p HD videos. Plus there’s a mini HDMI port for transmitting to an HDTV. One of the more signature features of this camera is it’s social networking capabilities, as photos & videos can be tagged for automatic uploads. Additional features include an electric-powered zoom lever that is easy to operate, and digital image stabilization.

  • 14MP CCD Sensor
  • Full HD JPEG Still Images
  • 720p HD AVI Videos
  • Fujinon 24x Wide-Angle to 720mm Telephoto Lens
  • 3" TFT LCD Display
  • 6400 ISO
  • No Internal Memory
  • SD/SDHC Expansion
  • Automatic Scene Recognition
  • Red-Eye Removal
  • Face Detection
  • Multi-Frame Playback
  • CCD Shift Image Stabilization
  • Dual Image Stabilization
  • Automatic Internet Uploads
  • Motion Panorama
  • Super Macro Shooting
  • Tracking Auto Focus
  • USB 2.0
  • HDMI Mini Connector
  • AA x4 Batteries
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06/16/2011 12:08

Lens is only X24, not 30...

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