Fujifilm that offer a step-up from the company's JV200/JV205 models.

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The FinePix JV250/JV255 are a set of upcoming compact digital cameras from Fujifilm that offer a step-up from the company's JV200/JV205 models. Set to release in April 2011, these models feature a 3x-zooming Fujinon optical lens with 16-megapixel resolution, working alongside ISO3200 color sensitivity to provide bright, vivid images in a variety of lighting environments both indoors and out. Digital Image Stabilization helps to minimize blurriness and distortion by increase shutter speed just before a still photo is taken, while Tracking Auto Focus aims to keep fast-moving objects within the camera's scope even while fully zoomed. Six separate "SR Auto" scene modes are available for varying environments, including "Night", "Portrait", "Macro", "Landscape" and more. Face detection is available for up to 10 subjects in a single shot, with Blink Detection and "Smile & Shoot Mode" available to help minimize the amount of attempts required to get an optimal result. A wide variety of specified point-and-shoot modes are also available for popular picture-taking environments, including "Beach", "Fireworks", "Snow", "Flower" "Party" "Beach" and more. Integrated Framing Guideline technology automatically creates a crossing point around the subject of a given picture, giving users a clear frame of reference on the JV250 or JV255's 2.7-inch display. Content playback can be auto-sorted into categories that include Date, Face, Scene, Type and more, with slideshow displaying available in addition to the at-a-glance-style "Micro Thumbnail View". 

  • Available in Black, Silver, Champagne Gold, Pink, Blue and Red colors
  • 16-megapixel lens
  • 3x Fujinon optical lens
  • ISO3200 color sensitivity
  • Digital Image Stabilization technology
  • HDTV-compatible photos and video
  • 6-scene SR Auto technology
  • Face/Blink Detection modes
  • Smile & Shoot mode
  • Motion Panorama capabilities 
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Kiyimba Isaac
09/23/2011 05:01
Kiyimba Isaac
09/23/2011 05:01

I bought a fujifilm jv255 digital camera, two weeks ago.from a local dealer in Nanjing, China. as time goes by, i get in love with it. many of my colleagues have shown interest for the same. it even has the video, which i had not discovered. however, i would wish that the product be sold with an extra battery, a leather case and a English user manual. the one i have is in Chinese which i don't understand. otherwise the piece is marvelous. thanks for the good workmanship.



01/21/2012 08:34

i think u can get the english manual from the web

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