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The Fujifilm FinePix J10 is a budget point-and-shoot camera.

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Battery life is above average with a really fast charge time.

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Sleek, compact design that fits well into pockets.

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Straightforward, no-frills design makes it very easy to use--actually just point and shoot.

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Remarkably good at compensating for movement with minimal blur.

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The auto flash function is very good at determining lighting conditions.

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Still image quality is above average for a camera at this price range.

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Any movement causes blur in photos

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Poor quality photos

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Video capture quality isn't very impressive.

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Low light performance is very bad and the flash can distort colours quite a bit.

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The Fujifilm FinePix J10 is a budget point-and-shoot camera. Users can select from several scene modes, but no other options are offered to further customize image settings. Features such as face detection and true image stabilization, found in mid- to high-end digital compacts, are not offered by the J10. Digital image stabilization mode senses camera shake and compensates by increasing shutter speed and ISO, reducing the chances you will capture a blurry image, but increasing image noise due to higher ISO. With the low price point and lack of features, the J10 seems aimed at consumers who just need something for quick snapshots. In this role, reviewers seem satisfied that the J10 delivers, citing its small, portable body and decent image quality for the price range.

  • 8.2 megapixel CCD sensor
  • 3x optical zoom
  • scene modes
  • digital image stabilization (ISO/shutter speed compensation)
  • captures video
  • self-timer
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