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The Frigidaire FPHC2398LF is a medium capacity professional refrigerator with side-by-side design.

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quiet - doesn't make much noise

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energy efficient - most users will see a drop in their electricity bill

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well lit interior - lighting covers the inside from corner to corner

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appearance - looks good with its stainless steel finish

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Fresh drawer allows vegetables to freeze.

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the drawers don't slide easily - makes a scratching noise

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the ice maker has a tendency to fling ice randomly

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Ramp-up lighting is impractical and no way to turn it off.

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the integrated ice maker takes up a lot of interior space

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sometimes ice doesn't get formed properly - it will come out hollow

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The Frigidaire FPHC2398LF is a medium capacity professional refrigerator with side-by-side design. The 22.6 cu ft capacity is fit into a counter-depth profile, enabling fast kitchen workflows. The PureSource Ultra water filtration system removes contaminants, and the tall dispenser also makes crushed or cubed ice available. 3 SpillSafe sliding shelves allow full access to the contents of the refrigerator, and the crispers are humidity controlled to keep food fresh.

The 13 button control panel above the dispenser enables full one-touch control over the refrigerator's functions. Alerts sound if the door is left open or in the event that no power is being supplied. Power Plus Ice ensures that ice is always available even when it is being used often. This unit is Energy Star and CSA certified.

  • Side-By-Side design
  • Stainless Steel
  • 36 in x 69-3/8 in x 26-7/8
  • Counter-depth
  • 22.60 cu ft capacity
  • Adjustable front rollers, rear rollers
  • Transverse ice maker
  • Tall, Single Paddle dispenser
  • 13 Button Silver Smooth Touch controls
  • Crushed / Cube Ice
  • PureSource Ultra water filter
  • PowerPlus Freeze
  • Power Plus Ice
  • Pro-Select refrigerator settings
  • PureAir Ultra air filtration
  • 1 one-gallon fixed door bin, dairy compartment, wine/can rack
  • 3 SpillSafe sliding shelves
  • Meat / Deli Drawer: Stacked Chill
  • Humidity controlled crispers
  • EnergySaver Plus
  • Energy StarĀ® Certified
  • CSA Certified
Post Review
04/19/2013 05:15

I have this frigidaire FPHC2398LF. Let me tell you, piece of crap. Ice machine runs NONSTOP and the water valve for the ice machine is very loud. This unit is on its 2nd compressor, only 2 years old. And the "vegetable keeper" drawers in the refrigerator itself, literally freezes everything, even the lunchmeat drawer is a freezer. Rust oily residue from the bottom. Garbage. Buying a LG.

02/23/2013 09:49

The electric refrigerator has been around for over 80 years and Frigidaire can't seem to get it right. Even when you spend a small fortune for this fancy microprocessor controlled unit, the ice maker is temperamental, the vegetable keeper is a freezer and the ramp-up lighting force you to wait a few seconds every time you want to grab a jar of mayonnaise. C-

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