The Frigidaire Professional FPMC3085KF is a high-end wall oven.

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The Frigidaire Professional FPMC3085KF is a high-end wall oven. This combined microwave and oven has more than thirty automatic and sensor settings for foods like popcorn, baked potatoes and snacks. The Professional FPMC3085KF is designed with true convection. This design helps to make multi-rack baking fast and even. The Reheat feature of the Professional FPMC3085KF allows you to instantly reheat food with the touch of a button. The PowerPlus Preheat feature of this lets you pre-heat dishes in less than six minutes. The keep warm setting of the Professional FPMC3085KF allows you to keep food at an edible temperature until you are ready to eat. The Delay Start button allows you to pre-schedule cookings anywhere from one hour to twenty-four hours in the future. This wall oven differs from the lower cost Professional FPMC2785KF model in that its dimensions are larger (30" exterior width as opposed to 27", 4.2 cubic feet oven capacity as opposed to 3.5 cubic feet). The Frigidaire Professional FPMC3085KF wall oven has two interior lights.

  • Dimensions: 30" x 42.75" x 24.5"
  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Model number: FPMC3085KF
  • Over 30 automatic sensor settings
  • PowerPlus Preheat
  • Reheat button
  • True convection design
  • UPC:  0-57112-10354-9
  • Delay Start
  • SpaceWise Half Rack
  • Pizza Button
  • Oven interior: 16.5" x 20.5" x 18"
  • Microwave capacity: 2 cubic feet
  • Oven capacity: 4.2 cubic feet
  • Chicken nugget button
  • Vari-Broil
  • 2,450 MHz microwave frequency
  • Microwave turntable (16" diameter)
  • Amps @ 240/208 Volts: 28 / 25
  • 2 interior lights
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