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The Frigidaire Professional FPMV189KF is a mid-cost over-the-range microwave.

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easy to clean up inside and out, just a quick wipe and you're done

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controls are simple and intuitive, don't have to teach people how to use it

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heats food evenly, don't have to keep taking the stuff out and re-arranging it

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heats up food very quickly, lots of power available

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attractive bezel design, looks clean and professional

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internal light is fairly weak, a little hard to see contents

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the 2 fan settings are both noisy, not much difference between them

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The Frigidaire Professional FPMV189KF is a mid-cost over-the-range microwave. The Effortless Reheat feature of the Professional FPMV189KF allows you to reheat almost any food instantly, at the touch of a button. The SpaceWise rack creates more room so you can cook multiple dishes at once. The Professional FPMV189KF comes pre-programmed with over forty pre-set options, including chicken nuggets, soften ice cream, melt butter and multiple snack options. This microwave operates with sensor cooking, which means that it automatically adjusts power levels and cooking times to cook a variety of items. The Keep Warm setting of this microwave allows you to wait until you are ready to eat without getting food cold. The Frigidaire Professional FPMV189KF's exterior is stainless steel.

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Model number: FPMV189KF
  • 1.8 foot capacity
  • Over-the-range design
  • 1,000 watts
  • White interior
  • 14" turntable diameter
  • Incandescent interior light
  • Electronic controls
  • Green display
  • Removable metal rack
  • Cavity dimensions: 22 17/32" x 14 31/32" x 10 1/16"
  • Exterior dimensions: 29 15/16" x 17 1/16" x 16 3/8"
  • Over 4 pre-sets
  • Easy Reheat
  • Keep Warm setting
  • Sensor cooking
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