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The Frigidaire FTF2140FE is a 27" front load washer with a load capacity of 3.5 cu. Ft.

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Less expensive than is typical for washers of this capacity

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Lower than average water consumption per load

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Relatively compact form factor fits well in smaller spaces or apartments

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Automatic water level selection conveniently removes guesswork and also conserves water

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Delayed start helps to synchronize with lower billing cost periods or whenever convenient

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Spin cycle does not dry clothes as well as higher RPM washers that can be found at this price range

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Not as efficient as many similar models, despite its Energy Star qualification

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The Frigidaire FTF2140FE is a 27" front load washer with a load capacity of 3.5 cu.ft.  The washer utilizes a tumble action cleaning system with advanced rinse technology which is more efficient and provides better results than a traditional agitator system.  It is designed with a stainless steel wash drum for long lasting performance and front electronic controls with control lock and a number of indicators including end-of-cycle and cycle status.  The FTF2140FE has an automatic water level sensor in addition to three automatic dispensers for detergent, bleach, and fabric softener.  It comes with 4 spin speeds, 3 wash speeds, 4 wash temperature settings, and 10 wash cycles including a heavy soil cycle.  The washer also includes additional options such as 8-hour delay start, extra rinse, and extra spin.  The FTF2140FE is Energy Star qualified and is available in a black finish.  The washer is less advanced than Frigidaire's GLTF2940 since it has fewer wash cycles and lacks the automatic temperature control, soil level setting, and time remaining indicator that comes with the GLTF2940.

  • King Size 3.5 cu.ft. capacity
  • Stainless Steel wash drum
  • Front Electronic Control Panel with control lock
  • Tumble action cleaning system with advanced rinse technology
  • Automatic water level
  • 3 automatic dispensers - Detergent, bleach, fabric softener
  • Door lock and cycle status lights
  • On/Off end-of-cycle signal
  • 10 wash cycles including Heavy soil cycle
  • 4 wash temperature settings
  • 3 wash/4 spin speed combinations
  • Extra Rinse & Extra Spin Auto Options
  • 8-hour delay start
  • Energy star qualified
  • Dimensions: 27"W x 36"H x 28"D
  • 1 year limited warranty
Available Colours/Model#
  • Black (FTF2140FE) - MSRP $749
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