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The Frigidaire FRFW3700LW is a lower mid-cost front load washer.

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doesn't use as much water as a conventional top-loader

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washes clothes thoroughly every time

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isn't loud at all, can't really hear it from the next room

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detergent tray doesn't drain the water out, will splash you when you open the drawer

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window tends to collect lint and need washing

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collects lint, dog hair, etc in the rim of the door - cleaning it is a nasty job

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door has to be left open to air it out or it gets very musty

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propped open door invites children to play with it or climb in

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The Frigidaire FRFW3700LW is a lower mid-cost front load washer. This 3.7 cubic foot capacity washer is equipped with ten specialty cycles, which can be accessed with the Express-Select Controls. Cycle options include Extended Spin, which gets more moisture out so that your clothes will dry faster. You can also specify whether your garments are heavily soiled or lightly soiled, as there is a cycle for each. The Delay Start option allows you to set your washer to begin on a schedule, anywhere from one hour to fourteen hours in the future. To help ensure a quiet operation, the Frigidaire FRFW3700LW is equipped with a vibration control system, which ensures that even oversized loads are balanced.

  • Vibration Control System
  • TimeWise
  • Quick Laundry
  • SilentDesign
  • WashSense Technology
  • Express-Select Controls
  • Add-a-Garment
  • Save Your Settings
  • Delay Start
  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 27" x 36" x 27.75"
  • UPC: 0-12505-38314-4
  • UL/CUL certified
  • 3.7 cubic foot capacity
  • Stainless steel drum
  • 10 cycles
  • Stain clean
  • Extended spin
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