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The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4474LW is a mid-cost front load washer.

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wide range of adjustability to the settings

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can handle larger items and large loads of laundry

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has a useful pre-wash setting for stain removal

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allergen-removal function works really well, completely cleans scents and pollen from clothes

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clothes come out thoroughly cleaned every time

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can handle a lot of laundry at a time

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spins clothes dry so that they barely need any time in the drier

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can barely hear it running while in operation

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The Frigidaire Affinity FAFS4474LW is a mid-cost front load washer. This 4.4 cubic foot capacity washer is equipped with an array of specialty cycles designed to clean everything from teddy bears to active wear. These cycles can be selected with the Express-Select controls. There is a Stain Pretreat cycle, which consists of a ten minute special soak geared toward removing tough stains. There are also Whitest Whites and Deep Clean Sanitize cycles. The Add-a-Garment feature allows you to add an extra piece to the washer once a load has started. Efficiency is a focus in the design of this washer, and the Ready Clean cycle uses 30% less energy and water than a regular cleaning cycle. Overall, Frigidaire promotes the Energy Star certified Affinity FAFS4474LW as using 60% less energy than their previous comparable washer models. 

  • Ultra-Capacity Washer
  • Ready Clean
  • Ready Steam
  • Specialty Cycles
  • Vibration Control System
  • TimeWise
  • Quick Sanitize
  • Stain Pretreat
  • NSF Certification
  • NSF Certified Allergen Cycle
  • Energy Saver Option
  • SilentDesign
  • Stay Fresh Door Seal
  • Stay Put Door
  • WashSense Technology
  • Express-Select Controls
  • Add-a-Garment
  • Save Your Settings
  • Multiple Cycles
  • Delay Start
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