It provides both heating and cooling with a cooling capacity of 18, 000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 16, 800 BTUs.

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The Friedrich YM18L34 is a powerful room air conditioner that provides both heating and cooling with a cooling capacity of 18,000 BTUs and a heating capacity of 16,800 BTUs.  The air conditioner has high efficiency with an EE rating of up to 12.0 and has a unique MoneySaver setting that saves additional energy by turning the fan on and off with the compressor.  It is designed with a a commercial grade heat pump for durable performance and a slide-out chassis which makes installation and maintenance of the unit easy.  The YM18L34 offers 3 cooling settings, 3 heating settings, and 1 fan-only speed and utilizes 8-way air flow control to quickly circulate the air around the room.  It also has a defrost control feature and a washable, antimicrobial filter which protects against fungal and bacterial growth in the unit.  The air conditioner comes with the required hardware for thru-wall installation and can also be window-mounted by purchasing the optional mounting kit.

  • 18,000 BTUs cooling, 16,800 BTUs heating
  • Manual rotary controls
  • High efficiency with EERs up to 12.0
  • 230/208 volts
  • MoneySaver® setting
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Commercial grade heat pump
  • 3 cooling, 3 heating, 1 fan only speeds
  • Slide out chassis
  • Washable, antimicrobial filter
  • Fresh air intake and stale air exhaust
  • Defrost control
  • 8-way air flow control
  • Comes with accessories for thru-wall installation
  • Dimensions: 17-15/16"H x 25-15/16"W x 27-3/5"D
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