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Philippe Starck continues to innovate for his collaboration with Fossil by creating watches that tell time in unexpected ways.

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Minimalist, Clean, Fresh

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hour hand looks like it's floating

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Unique style

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Modern look/design

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subtle branding with minute hand

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No marks or second hand, difficult to tell time accurately

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Complete design ripoff of the Issey Miyake TOO watch

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hard to tell time

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No numbers

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Philippe Starck continues to innovate for his collaboration with Fossil by creating watches that tell time in unexpected ways. In a similar illusion-like way of telling time to the Veiled watch, the Palindrome uses a 'floating' hour to move around the dial with a simple rectangular stick that has the impression of sitting atop the face rather than integrated into it. The minute hand is denoted with the S+arck moniker, a subtle way of advertising the watch brand.

The Palindrome watch comes in 3 colors: white, black and silver/orange. The bands are leather, and each face is contoured for a low profile look. Model numbers: PH6000, PH6001, and PH6002.

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12/22/2009 07:25

Some of you don't know what you are talking about. This watch is similar to the Issey Miyake/Seiko To watch, but there are others also similar. Not only that, but Miyake didn't originate the design anyway. All these watches are just remixes of the old 'jump hour' watches that were popular in the 60s and 70s. Miyake and Starck just opened up the 'letter box' slot for viewing the figures, and removed the figures. There are dozens of similar designs, starting from the 1950s. See this gallery:

A decent watch for the price, but I don't understand how anyone can say that making your logo into the minute hand is 'subtle'.

05/25/2008 04:18

I bought this watch and cannot figure out how to start it! Does anyone have a suggestion? The instruction manual that came with it features all the Fossil watches except this one. I even called their customer service and they said they could not even locate instructions or an owners manual on the watch. They were supposed to call me back and never did. Go figure.

Anyway, if anyone knows how to start this watch, hit me back with the info.


08/20/2007 06:32

Yes, that is typical Fossil. Take someone else's design, make a watch that looks just like it, but with cheaper componants and no warrenty (unless you pay for one seperately.) Sweet.

08/14/2007 09:56

...for 1/4 the price. That's the sort of ripoff I like.

08/14/2007 09:29

Ha, good call meNNis, I knew it looked familiar but couldn't place it.

08/14/2007 09:28

Totally a ripoff of the design of the Issey Miyake watch....

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