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Fire up with this mens flame metamorphix animation watch.

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Awesome visual experience, very unique

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Watch case can be difficult to open to replace batteries

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Fire up with this mens flame metamorphix animation watch. Solid stainless steel. Two hand quartz movement with easy read indexes. Luminous hands. Comes with an 11 year warranty and packaged in a collectible tin. Water resistant up to 50 meters.

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09/15/2008 11:42

I bought this watch in April of 2005. The flame motion on the face of the watch is always interesting to watch. The flame motion starts at the bottom, builds up, and makes movements on the face as if it is on fire. Then the flames stop, face goes black, back the bottom and starts all over again. The button in the upper-right of the watch turns the flame motion on and off. When the flame motion is off, the full size flames are displayed. The picture of the watch on this page appears as if the flame motion is turned off, and you can see the full size of the flames. This watch uses 3 batteries! 1 battery is for the time-keeping and the other 2 control the flames. From my own experience, the flame motion batteries last much longer if you leave the movement turned ON. It seems when the full flames are displayed is consumes the batteries faster. After over 3 years now, I still love looking at the face of this watch. The stainless steel case and band have help up very well. It can be difficult to remove the back of the watch to replace the batteries. My overall experience with this watch has been fantastic. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a unique watch.

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