The Foscam FI9821W V2 Megapixel Wireless IP Camera features high definition 1280 x 720p video resolution.

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The Foscam FI9821W V2 Megapixel Wireless IP Camera features high definition 1280 x 720p video resolution, h.264 video compression, built-in DVR via SD card (upto 32gb), two-way audio, wifi-N capability, pan/tilt, remote internet viewing, motion detection, night-vision as well as network video recording capability. In addition, it is smartphone compatible (iPhone, Android - app required) as well as viewable over the internet using standard browsers on PC (Firefox, IE & Chrome) or Mac (Safari only). The camera functions well as a smartphone baby, pet or elderly parent monitor or as part of a complete home/office security system with remote internet monitoring ability. The FI9821W V2 improves on the FI8910W by adopting high performance media and video processors capable of H.264 video compression which allows for ultra-smooth high definition video transmission, increased FPS and minimal bandwidth consumption. In addition, due to the small file sizes produced by H.264 video compression it has the ability to save tremendous disk space when doing video recording.

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  • The FI9821W V2 comes equipped with a faster chipset than its predecessor, offering better performance. HD quality, 1280 x 720 Resolution
  • Features like Two-Way Audio and Multiple Camera Setup Are Now Accessible On Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
  • H.264 Video Compression & Free Manufacturer's DDNS Included
  • Completely Redesigned WebUI, Wider Viewing Angle of 70°
  • Accessible With iPhone Apps like Live Cams Pro, and Android Apps such as TinyCam Monitor
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  • Black
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can this camera be mounted upside down (ceiling) and still be viewed upright?

    Sure. You just need to install the Foscam software and flip the image. Very simple to do.

  • Can you set times of the day when you want the camera to record motion and then email pictures? Or does it just record motion 24 hrs/day?

    Yes, the camera is capable of being programed to record in time intervals.

  • What is the minimum focus distance? That is, can I use it to monitor something within a few inches?

    Right in front of it

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