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The Holy Moly is a mid-range park-style snowboard from the Forum company.

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has a loose feel when you want it

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good response once you're used to it, quick turns

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ideal for freestyle and park, capable of all-mountain

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playful board style, perfect for buttering or jibbing

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take a few runs to get used to the raised up edges under the bindings

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hard to control for beginners, takes some skill to take advantage of it

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doesn't have very good carving ability

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The Holy Moly is a mid-range park-style snowboard from the Forum company. Featuring a number of updated graphic designs that correspond to three different lengths, this model utilizes Forum's "Combo Platter" profiling system to combine the best elements of the popular "Camber" and "Rocker" construction styles. Twin shaping fully supports regular and switch-direction riding for limitless trick maneuverability, with an SLW (Sustainable Lightweight Wood) core providing a strong yet lightweight feel for maximum confidence on the slopes. The board is covered in "Light Triax" laminate with a carbon fiber component for additional strength, with a pre-injected waxed base suitably called the "Really Fast". Other technologies included in the Holy Moly are the "Buttercup" nose and tail angling system for a catch-free ride, the "Swinger's Club" tip and tail weight reduction system and "Booter Boosters NexTreme" nose and tail carbon stranding technology.

  • Available in 152 (Yellow/Black), 155 (Blue/Black) and 158 (Orange/Black) centimeter lengths
  • Combo Platter construction technology
  • Buttercup contact points
  • Swinger's Club tip and tail designs
  • Booter Boosters NexTreme carbon strand construction
  • Twin shape design
  • Lightweight wooden core
  • Triax carbon laminate
  • Flurocarbon wax-injected base
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