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The FootJoy FJ SuperLites are a more basic golf shoe that deliver a performance ultralight feel with sporty appeal.

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have a high-class, expensive look to them

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excellent waterproofing, can stand in a puddle and still not get wet

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good enough shock absorption to keep your back from hurting

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fit snug and secure, feels comfortable right out of the box without needing break-in

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response and feel of running shoes

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provide great traction for a stable and controlled swing

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light weight build, won't tire you out

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The FootJoy FJ SuperLites are a more basic golf shoe that deliver a performance ultralight feel with sporty appeal. The lightest shoes available from this #1 shoe and glove brand in golf, the FJ SuperLites are constructed with full grain leather uppers providing waterproof comfort, breathability, and durability, while super soft PU linings that both look and feel like leather provide excellent comfort and fit. Engineered with a Competition Last consisting of a full rounded toe character, a fuller fit across the forefoot, a full instep with a slightly narrow heel, and is athletically sloped from instep to toe. Constructed with an ultra-lightweight EVA outsole, the FJ SuperLites offer lightweight underfoot comfort, while a TPU insert provides additional durability. These shoes are also designed with Stinger cleats by CHAMP, delivering stability, support, and superior traction while remaining friendly on the green. Available in a number of models and colors, shown here in #58015 - White Smooth/Brown Smooth/Gold Mesh.

  • Super soft leather uppers
  • 1-year waterproof warranty
  • Super soft PU linings
  • Competition Last
  • Ultralightweight EVA outsole with TPU inserts
  • Stinger cleats by CHAMP (yellow/black)
Model Number/Color Options
  • #58007 - White Smooth/White Smooth/Silver Mesh
  • #58015 - White Smooth/Brown Smooth/Gold Mesh
  • #58031 - Black Smooth/Black Smooth/Silver Mesh
  • #58049 - Bomber Taupe/White Smooth
  • #58055 - Rich Brown Waxy Pull Up
  • #58064 - Black
  • #58088 - White Smooth/Black Smooth/Black Tumbled
  • #58092 - White Smooth/Bomber Brown Smooth/Taupe Smooth
  • #58109 - Black Smooth/Silver
  • #56732 - White Smooth/White Tumbled Underlay/White Smooth
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