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This versatile egg cooker serves eggs any way you like them--poached for Eggs Benedict.

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This versatile egg cooker serves eggs any way you like them--poached for Eggs Benedict, hard-cooked for spinach salads or deviled eggs, or soft-cooked for serving in an egg cup. Completely foolproof, this appliance only requires that you fill the base with the proper amount of water for the number of eggs you’re cooking and then flip the power switch. An alert sounds when eggs are ready. The cooker has a removable rack that holds up to seven eggs for hard- or soft-boiling. A separate poaching pan with an easy-to-clean nonstick interior holds a total of four eggs. The heat-resistant base stays cool while eggs are cooking and a clear lid lets you check progress. The cooker also comes with its own measuring cup that has a pin in the bottom for piercing eggshells when soft-cooking (to keep them from cracking during cooking). 

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  • Poaches or hard- or soft-boils eggs at touch of a button
  • Egg rack holds 7 eggs; nonstick poaching pan holds 4 eggs
  • Includes measuring cup with egg piercing pin
  • Heat-resistant base; clear cover
  • 1-Year warranty
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if the manufacturing oils produce a health hazard?

    Just like any new kitchen appliance, you wash it with warm soap and water first. It does not smell or taste oils.

  • How much water for 3 poached eggs for hard white and liquid yokes. Having difficult time understanding the measuring cup.

    Use the measurements on the "soft boiled eggs" side of the measuring cups. For 3 eggs, I add water at the "7" mark. For 4 eggs, I use the "5" mark. This is our 2nd poacher the time is different on this poacher. The directions are confusing - you will just have to experiment to get your perfect eggs.

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