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It allows you to see the day in a minute and keep an eye on the things you care about – anytime, any place.

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FLIR FX allows you to mix and match camera accessories for a variety of video monitoring applications such as outdoor security, home monitoring, recording in a vehicle, sports recording, and more. With a wide range of applications and purpose-driven features, FLIR FX is a flexible video monitoring solution that changes to suit your video monitoring needs.

The FLIR FX is a versatile wireless HD camera that allows you to see the day in a minute and keep an eye on the things you care about – anytime, any place. With game-changing technology such as RapidRecap, SmartZone, 1080p HD, Wi-Fi connectivity, and countless exclusive features, the FLIR FX offers unparalleled performance.

FLIR FX gives you multiple ways to directly access your video recordings, with or without Internet access, using the FLIR FX App. With direct WiFi access up to 500’ you can stream live video, or view video recordings straight from the onboard microSD card and make edits using the app. Beyond that, the power of FLIR Cloud steps in, for true access anywhere, anyplace.

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  • Rapid Recap compiles hours worth of activity into a short video summary. It connects you to all the day's events in a flash. See your kids coming home, your garbage being collected, your pets getting up to their usual mischief - all in an instant!
  • View live video on your smartphone or tablet in High Definition. Capture an entire room or monitor multiple points of entry with wide angle viewing, up to 160 degrees, and powerful infrared illuminators for superior night vision
  • Anywhere, any place: has a four-hour internal battery, and records 1080p to an included on-board micro SD card. Sports option provides waterproof, submersible housing and mounting accessories capture all the action in stunning HD
  • FLIR FX captures the things you can and can't see. Sensors for temperature, humidity, sound & motion keep you informed with smart alerts & notifications. Outdoor option includes commercial-grade infrared illumination to see up to 65' at night
  • Easy to set up. Get direct live video streaming or FLIR Cloud connectivity on your iOS or Android devices in minutes. Integrated battery backup keeps your home or business secure even when the power goes out.
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FLIR FX Benefits

  • Recording to SD Card (up to 64GB, 8GB included)
  • RapidRecap Cloud recording included
  • Built in battery for up to 2 hours of portable use
  • 2-way audio
  • Night vision up to 33’ (10m)
  • Temperature & humidity sensor
  • Versatile accessory mounts available
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RapidRecap - See More. Watch Less

RapidRecap is an exclusive technology that simultaneously presents video events recorded at different points in a chosen time-frame to help users quickly review video footage that could span hours and hours. With RapidRecap, all the activity the camera captures are superimposed, each with an identifying time stamp. This powerful technology, that previously was only available to elite law enforcement agencies, makes it easy to quickly see everything that happened over a period of time in a single condensed video.

  • Pick the time frame to review, and RapidRecap will compile events into condensed video clips.
  • Spend less time reviewing videos.
  • Easily share downloaded videos with friends.
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Wireless Freedom

Stay connected and view what matters most with free apps for iOS and Android. With direct WiFi access up to 500 feet you can stream live video, or view video recordings straight from the onboard microSD card and make edits using the app. FLIR Cloud connectivity provides true access anywhere, any place on your smartphone or tablet

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Powerful Recording

Secure your home or business by recording important events in 1080p HD the camera’s included microSD card (8GB included, up to 64GB supported) or to the FLIR Cloud for easy accessibility from anywhere. Motion events can be saved to our secure FLIR Cloud and easily viewed with RapidRecap

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Temperature & Humidity Sensor

Stay connected to every aspect of your home with integrated sensors for temperature, humidity, sounds & motion. Smart alerts keep you informed of events, even when you can’t be there.

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Keep an eye on what matters most - SmartZone

Stay on top of your recorded events with SmartZone. Recordings and alerts happen only in your specified area with built-in motion sensing technology. Eliminate false alarms with the increased alert accuracy of SmartZone technology.

  • Select areas on a grid overlay within the cameras’ view to specify the areas you want to monitor.
  • When an object moves inside the SmartZone area, you will receive a notification on your smartphone or tablet, and the camera will record.
  • SmartZone is designed to reduce unwanted motion triggers in areas of low importance.
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Built-in Battery

With FLIR FX’s two internal batteries for up to four-hours of operation (up to 2 hours on the internal camera battery, and an additional 2 hours on the battery built into the stand), you’ll have plenty of power to record on the go, whether you’re out for a bike ride or capturing scenes in the great outdoors.

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Indoor Camera Features

The indoor mounting stand makes FLIR FX a premium indoor HD video monitoring solution, with a wide-angle lens that lets you cover an entire room. Watch the kids playing, ensure your pet is behaving, or check on your elderly relative with ease.

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Outdoor Housing

The rugged, weatherproof housing (IP67 rated) turns the FLIR FX into an outdoor HD security camera with extended night vision. The housing locks around the camera protecting it from the elements. Never miss a moment, day or night, with this robust housing (Housing sold separately).

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Dashboard Mount

The dashboard mount makes FLIR FX a watchful companion on the road. It comes with a suction cup stand for mounting on a windshield and a car charger. The FX camera head has a 2-hour battery, meaning the camera won’t stop recording even if your car breaks down. (Mount sold separately).

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Sport Housing

Take the camera with you to capture the action in full 1080p HD video to the included microSD card. The tough, waterproof (IP68) acrylic shell allows for extreme activities, like snowboarding, mountain biking, or water skiing. Share with your friends and family with easy one-click sharing to your social networks. (Housing sold separately).

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this come with an SD card or do you have to purchase one separately?

    Yes, it does come with an SD Card.

  • Does Flir fx offer the web view similar to Dropcam does? Via browser instead of just app.

    Not yet, but it is in development.

  • Whats the fps while using it in 720 and 1080?


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