Bring any Little People Disney princess to the pedestal on the Magic Dance Floor.

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The Little People Disney Princess Palace is a detailed, interactive play set which brings Disney Princesses to life in a special way. Palace features Disney character styling and sculpture through and includes 6 play areas (Sitting Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Balcony, Attic, Dressing Room and Magical Dance Floor). Place any Little People Disney Princess figure on a special location on the Magical Palace Dance Floor and it recognizes that specific Princess and responds with her name, character phrases and a sung song from her movie.

Dance Floor also has room for two additional figures - slide the fountain lever back and forth to activate dancing action. Sitting Room features a place for 2 figures to sit and look at the stars through the window. Kitchen features counter-top and sink with sound effects and movable table and chairs. Bedroom features movable bed. 2-figures can ride up elevator to the Balcony area or stop off in the Dressing Room to get ready for the ball. Comes with Snow White and Cinderella figures in adorable Little People styling.

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  • Includes 7 palace play areas
  • Place any princess on the magical palace dance floor to hear her name, phrases, and a song
  • Includes Cinderella and Snow White
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Age/Weight Requirements

  • 18 months to five years
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Assembly Requirements

  • 3AA (R6) 1.5V batteries (included); use LR6 alkaline batteries for replacement
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age group

    I believe ages between one and six. My one year old is starting to look through the doors and windows and move the people around. My seven year old also took it out this weekend and played for hours with it. All three of my girls (1, 4, and 7) seem to love this toy.

  • Why does Tiana sound so ethnic?

    She has the same accent she does in the movie, a New Orleans southern one. If I hadn't seen the movie I might wonder the same but it sounds pretty spot on to me.

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