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Learning content changes as baby grows – with Smart Stages technology!

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Every baby develops at their own pace, and Smart Stages technology gives you the ability to select the stage that’s best for your child! There are a variety of developmentally appropriate songs, phrases and sounds within three levels of play – just slide the switch or enter baby’s age for automatic level changes.

Level 1 – Explore – 12M+: Spark curiosity with busy activations! Sit and stand to hear simple words like, “Up; down. ” Or press the buttons to hear songs and phrases like, “One, two, three, four. ” Level 2 – Encourage – 18M+: This level expands on the introduction of numbers, opposites, actions and more by encouraging baby to get involved. Flip through the book to hear prompts like, “Do you see the carrots?” Level 3 – Pretend – 24M+: Let’s play some more! Older babies can engage in imaginative play, hopping like a froggy, exploring different remote channels and playing peek-a-boo.

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  • 50+ sing-along songs, tunes and phrases
  • Features Smart Stages Technology
  • Enter baby's age for automatic Smart Stages level changes or manually change levels with the switch
  • Seat activates songs and phrases when baby sits and stand
  • Teaches first words, numbers, shapes, colors and more
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Develop & Grow

Songs, phrases and sounds introduce numbers, shapes, opposites, colors and more. Busy activities like turning the book pages, pressing the remote control buttons or lifting the seat cushion introduce cause and effect. Stand up and sit down to hear fun rewards - and to encourage gross motor skills and coordination.

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Expand the play!

Lift the chair seat - what do you find? Talk about what you might find hiding in your own chair or couch! A cookie? Mom’s keys? Maybe a blankie? The possibilities are endless!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this comes unassembled?

    Yes but very easy to assemble.

  • What is the ages for this chair?

    From 1 to 3 years old.

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