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The Fisher Price Private Connection is a baby monitor system that includes two portable receivers and a transmitter.

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Very bright red LEDs, visible from a distance

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The Fisher Price Private Connection is a baby monitor system that includes two portable receivers and a transmitter.  The monitor utilizes 900MHz technology that allows it to operate up to 800 feet away for clear transmission anywhere in the house.  It has ten channels to avoid static and provide a secure connection and conserves more energy compared to some baby monitors.  The receivers of the Private Connection are designed with an LCD screen that displays the reception, volume, channel, and battery level.  They include rechargeable NiMH battery packs and an AC adapter to save money as well as sound activated lights on both sides of the receiver. 

  • 900MHz technology
  • Range of up to 800 feet
  • Dual receivers
  • 10 channels
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • LCD screen displays channels, reception, volume and battery indicator
  • 5-LED sound activated lights on both sides of receiver
  • Saves energy
  • Comes with two 3.6V NiMH battery packs
  • Comes with AC adapter
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Danny Ho
08/21/2009 08:44

Some reviews online complain about hissing or noise, this can be solved. We had mild hissing too. If you are brave and don't mind voiding warranty or receiving possible electrical shock, unscrew all three items and very carefully adjust the two pots in each to tweak the noise levels away and increase the gain. If you're thinking pots as in "flower pots", then please don't try this at home.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a comment. I assume no liability for any injury arising for actions you may or may not take on this or any other baby monitor. :-)

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