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Baby will have a whale of a good time in this bath center that grows from infant to toddler.

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Baby will have a whale of a good time in this bath center that grows from infant to toddler. A contoured "baby stopper" insert keeps your infant from sliding into the water. When your little one becomes a toddler, remove the "baby stopper" to reveal a deep basin with non-slip surface. Use the baby whale toy for washing or play, and bath time will be a splish-splashin' blast!

This tub features an adorable blue and green whale design that lets both you and your baby enjoy bath time. The big whale eyes and tale combine with a comfortable, curved shaped to delight your child and make bath time feel like playtime. There's also a baby whale cup/strainer for you to use to rinse and entertain your baby. When your baby grows, he'll also love pouring water in and out of this bathtub necessity.

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  • Adaptable tub with fun whale design for a relaxing bath experience
  • Fits over double sinks or inside traditional bath tubs
  • Contoured insert for safe infant use
  • Soft-grip, non-slip foam surface keeps your baby in place and comfortable
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Tub Accommodates Both Infants and Toddlers

The Whale of a Tub has an adaptable design that grows with your baby. By simply using the contoured infant insert, the tub is safe for infant use. As your child grows, remove the insert and give your toddler plenty of room to move around, splash, and play. The deep basin ensures that your toddler will feel safe and secure in the water.

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Safe and Easy Use Gives Parents Peace of Mind

Featuring a soft-grip, non-slip foam surface that keeps your baby comfortable and in place, this tub is packed with features that delight both babies and parents. First, it's easy to fill up and drain thanks to the sturdy plug. Additionally, the infant insert helps keep your baby from slipping, ensuring her comfort and confidence in the water, so bath time is pleasant and relaxing. And because you can use the tub in the kitchen or in any traditional bathtub, you can give your baby a bath where and when it's most convenient.

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Safety and Development Guidelines

This tub is meant to be used as either an infant or toddler tub. When used with the infant insert, the tub is safe from birth up to six months and can safely hold an infant weighing up to 20 pounds. After you remove the insert, the tub can accommodate a toddler weighing up to 25 pounds and is safe for use from six months and up, or whenever your baby is able to sit upright in the tub.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this have a sling for infants?

    It doesn't but there is a piece that snaps in that prevents them from sliding down.

  • How to remove the green butt fitter?

    Push the blue tub outward on either side of the green insert, and it pop right out.

  • Does the removeable infant ledge go all the way across the tub?

    Yes, it goes all the way across.

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